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R & R Cafe Bar, Chermside, Brisbane

July 07, 2013

I have done a post about R & R Cafe Bar before which you guys can check out.. This is actually a delayed post but since I don't want it to go to waste, I thought I would post it anyway...

Had the special menu's pasta of the day which was Papardelle with mushrooms, prosciutto and shaved parmesan.. I wasn't too sure if they were trying to do a similar Carbonara dish here but it tasted similar but I prefer my carbonara with a more creamier texture and where you can actually dip your meats or other condiments into the creamy sauce..
Even if this pasta was not as saucy as I liked it to be, the balance of the mushrooms and the prosciutto and the melting parmesan as you mix your pasta through it all, the sauce is not overpowering nor was it tasteless..
Second dish that we bought was one of their pizza... Pastrami, Feta cheese, pumpkin and pecans..
Might sound like an awkward combination but it actually all worked well.. It wasn't as wow as I thought it would be nor was it different in taste than other pizzas.. The sauce base was just a typical tomato based... and the crust were nice as it was not too thick or too thin.. but I did find it hard to cut through the pizzas for some reason in some parts..
The pumpkin and feta cheese was nice and blended in well with the pastrami and pecans..
Had tea and water to help me gobble the food down...
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