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Sushi Train, Carseldine, Brisbane

July 07, 2013

Been awhile since I went to sushi train and good timing it was, a friend of mine whom I haven't met for a few years was down in Brisbane for a while.. And so, we went to sushi train as she had wanted to see her friend working there.. Wasn't too hungry so we just nibbled on a few and just had a chat mostly.. This sushi train is located in Carseldine Central near Woolies and Nandos etc, at the corner of Beams road.
The place isn't too small nor is it massive.. Seatings were just around the sushi main kitchen where they would prepare the sushi.. It wasn't too busy today but wasn't too bad after we were seated and more diners started coming in..
'Aburi Hotate', lightly grilled and partly raw scallop topped with kewpie mayonnaise on top of rice.. Definitely recommended if you love scallops, raw fish, grilled fish, then this 'aburi' sushi range is definitely your have-to-eat.. the scallops were nicely lightly grilled and the texture of the partly raw just simply melts in your mouth.. and the japanese mayonnaise compliments it well..
'Negitoro ship' is basically raw tuna belly on top of rice wrapped in seaweed around it and topped with spring onions with a lime wedge on the side.. I personally thought it was just okay, or maybe it is just my personal preference that I prefer raw salmon over raw tuna.. Raw tuna is usually more red in colour..
'Avocado and Salmon roll' is basically like what the name says, avocado and raw salmon roll... the rice and seaweed is rolled around it and then topped or sided with sesame seeds.. it was okay, just a normal avocado and salmon roll..
'Teriyaki Chicken and Avocado roll', again as what the name is, just your typical teriyaki chicken and avocado... Expected the teriyaki chicken to be abit softer than it was, and more sauce but it was okay.. but not something I would usually order in sushi trains, as I would probably order the raw fishies and the other rolls..
Another lightly grilled sushi ordered but this time, it was the 'Aburi Wagyu' which is  basically lightly grilled and partly raw wagyu beef... also topped with the mayonnaise and this actually worked really well... Another recommendation..

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