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Coco Jungle Chocolate Lounge, Sunnybank, Brisbane

July 10, 2013

One of the newest dessert place that has just opened up in Sunnybank Plaza's foodcourt.. The place is decorated with a kind of jungle feeling with jungle animals' paintings and wild animal's touches here and there.. It was a nice joint with people bustling with seats being filled as the name is called "Coco Jungle", I guess they really did live up to their name..

Drink menu
Dessert Menu
Giraffe & Elephant paintings on a bushy-jungle-forest wallpaper
A friend of ours got himself the 'Cookies n Cream cheesecake' which was served with a dollop of vanilla ice cream and a cut strawberry dusted with icing sugar and fudgey sauce underneath the cake.. Cake seemed like the cheesecake you would be able to find in other dessert places, however, the only difference was that this did not have the typical biscuit base and was just a full on cheesecake...
Second dish ordered was their 'Belgian Waffle' which was offered either for One ($14) or for Two ($18)..
Toasted Belgian Waffles served with sliced strawberries and banana, served with classic hot chocolate sauce and ice cream.. Add extra cream for a buck, but without cream itself was already alot... Waffles was nice and had the waffley texture, as the way it should and was not soggy... the bananas and strawberries was reasonably given..
Flat white was good and much better than some other dessert shops out there which their dessert are basically incredibly yummy but their coffee just simply was not the way it should be... Of course it would also depend on the barista...
I ordered an 'Oreo chocshake' ($7), quite pricey compared to the other milkshakes you would find around here, but worth a try and I was into an Oreo mood so hey, why not... It sure had that oreo taste, obviously, but I would have preferred it to have abit more crunchiness of the oreo biscuit.. Am not sure whether they just blended it all until all of the oreo pieces had just crushed away into teeny little itty bitty bits.. But overall, it was good.. the balance of their chocolate, milk and oreo was balanced well..
'Coco Jungle Fondue' is offered for One ($14) and Two ($18). Both consists of Belgian milk chocolate melted and served with a selection of fresh fruit, marshmallows, banana, bread and dutch pancakes. If you would prefer white chocolate or dark chocolate and extra buck is needed..
The dutch pancakes was definitely cute and sweet and they were all dusted with icing sugar to give it that look. I think the presentation was neat and nice.. It might look little to some but it was definitely alot for us until we couldn't even finish it all off.. The selection of fruits included the basics of strawberries and banana and the bread was simply a banana bread and the marshmallows was also nice and chewy. The dutch pancakes were definitely the winner out of all of the condiments in the fondue, maybe it's because nowadays, you can get that dutch pancake maker but you can't seem to be able to find a dessert place where they sell dutch pancakes, not many anyway.. 

Definitely worth a try if you're around and don't feel like Meet Fresh or Froyo or chinese pancakes and other asian desserts.. Check it out and don't forget to try them~

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