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Campos Coffee, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

August 30, 2013

Should've done this post ages ago but haven't gone around to it and about time I should.. Came here for brunch with him, worried about if there weren't going to be any tables left or the annoyance of time wasted just to find a parking.. And since it was in the morning, everyone was out in the valley area, either for James St market, or the shops, or even work.. Luckily we got ourselves a table AND parking..

All of you must know about Campos, definitely, so I'm not going to bother to introduce you all to it since you all know it anyway.. So here are snapshots of the place and the things that intrigued me to take photos of.. And yes, a lot of snapshots I must say... Sorry but not sorry... The food will come at the end after all of these amazing lovely snapshots...

Yes... a monkey is on top of the big aeroplane look alike fan.. Still abit more to go on the snapshots and it'll be time for the food before you know it... I love how they're still selling bottled water in glass bottles with unique words on them, and how they've made their water bottles that is given out to diners with an angel on them..

Stop with all the snapshots and get on with the food, I hear you say.. well, here they are.. the yummylicious food of Campos Coffee.. (Sorry if the snapshots did bore you.. a little.. or a lot.. you could've just scrolled down..
I'm in love with Eggs Benedict, don't exactly know why but every time I see a breakfast menu with Eggs Benny on them, they will definitely be in my mind and end up being one of my choices of what to eat during the time.. They have specials, yes they do.. But I wasn't really interested in them or maybe they just didn't sound as appetizing or such... I was tossing the Benny Eggs with the Herb Polenta or the Salmon nicoise salad, but.... Eggs Benny wins my heart all over again...
 So, the Eggs Benedict consists of your choice of ham or smoked salmon (extra $1.50), baby spinach and free range poached eggs on a toasted vienna with hollandaise sauce... At first when it came, I was quite surprise how it was only 1 vienna, as usually other places would have 2, but don't get me wrong, the portion was bigger than other places.. I thought it was too small when it first arrived at our table, but man.. when I started eating it, it seemed as if it was never ending...
Love how poached eggs are cooked well.. Hollandaise sauce was nice and not too sour but I would have liked it to have more sauce.. or maybe I'm just a saucy person...
He chose the "Campos Fry Up" which is basically what people may call it in other places as the Big Breakfast... And was it big alright... It had a variety of different elements and tastes in one plate and I wasn't sure of how it would mix together but I did like that extra touch of haloumi cheese at the top..
Choice of eggs, bacon, toasted organic sourdough, oven roasted mushrooms, oven roasted cherry tomatoes, haloumi, potato & sage hash and beef & basil sausage.. A lot of 20 buckish I may say... He chose his eggs scrambled..
Bacon was alright, sausage was alright.. the potato hash and the haloumi and the egg were the ones that got me.. But overall, he enjoyed it and gobbled it all up until you could only see an empty plate..
Everyone knows this place is one of the must-go places and yes, I do agree.. Try out their specials for lunch as it changes every month, check out their special menu on their Facebook page and be sure to grab yourself a cuppa because their coffee is definitely one of the good coffees you can get around here.. 

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