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Groove Train, Westfield Chermside, Brisbane

August 09, 2013

Groove Train, in front of the 'old' Westfield Chermside's entrance's outdoor restaurants next to Toscani's, Gilhooleys etc.. Groove Train, originally from Melbourne has expanded its restaurants to Brisbane and has hit Brisbane CBD, Riverside, Harbour Town and more.. Came here for lunch and it was quite windy outside and I was sick of food court food during the time and plus I haven't tried the Groove train here..

Enough with the restaurant's interior design photos, now for the food..
"Chicken & Pesto Passion", Rigatoni pasta with chicken breast sauteed with chick peas & white wine tossed in a creamy pesto sauce topped with shaved cheese..
Personally, I preferred a bit more sauce as some of the pasta felt as if it wasn't saucy.. Chicken was very reasonable portioned and as for the chickpeas, it was different as you don't see many pasta dishes with chickpeas in them.. And after trying this, it was nice and delicious but maybe just not for me.. The combination blended well together but like I said, I would've liked more pesto..
Out of curiousity, "Nasi Goreng" was ordered and I usually don't order in restaurants because I can easily cook it at home. The name itself, 'Nasi' means rice and 'Goreng' means fried, so join the two words together and you'll get 'Fried Rice'.. It is originally an Indonesian dish but now a worlwide known rice dish..
Typically, Nasi Goreng could be eaten for breakfast back in Indonesia and alot of the street stalls and restaurants would have them.. The thing is, in Indonesia, they do make it their own and give it a twist here and there are many variations of Nasi Goreng.. But in a typical Nasi goreng dish, the basics should include 'Kecap Manis' (Sweet soy sauce), shallot, garlic, shallot, spring onions, meat can incl chicken or beef or anything up to your own personal wants.. There has to be an egg in it as well, either mixed through or placed on top.. Usually it would be a sunny side up egg or an omelette or just fried egg.. If you do want to try Indonesia's own Sweet Soy Sauce, try their "ABC" brand, it can be bought from any supermarkets such as woolies or coles or any asian stores.. It doesn't taste like the other soy sauce you have tried before..
"Groove Nasi Goreng" consists of rice tossed with praws, beef & chicken, shrimp paste, ginger, chilli, garlic, egg, kecap manis, asian greens garnished with shredded lettuce and freshly diced tomatoes..
To be truthful, okay.. they did use the Kecap Manis but.. Asian greens in Nasi Goreng do not consists of broccoli.. it usually consists of just the normal everyday you can find because it is suppose to be a simple dish, just tossed all together.. They did do a nice plating of it and yes, there you go, the fried egg.. diced tomatoes was not really needed in my opinion.. Maybe because I know what the real Nasi Goreng tastes like, so no, I didn't really enjoy this dish.. But it was something different I guess, eating Nasi Goreng in a non-asian restaurant..

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