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Hogs Breath Cafe, Indooroopilly, Brisbane

August 31, 2013

Hogs Breath.. the pink pig.. that's all I think about.. and the thought of an actual Hog's breath.. Came here for lunch one day and decided to try their $9.90 lunch menu.. Has a variety of about 5 dishes you can choose from..

Ordered their "Grilled Chicken & Ranch burger" which comes with the lovely hog tail fries.. I love the fries.. maybe it's just because it's curly.. One day, I'll get it for takeaway maybe when in the mood.. Salad was sloppy since only about like 2 or 3 pieces of greens was placed on the plate...  Abit more would be nice..
Char-grilled chicken breast, beetroot, tomato, lettuce, red onion and ranch sauce in a toasted bun.. Their toasted bun was soft inside which was nice..
You can see the layers of the chicken, beetroot and so on... Although, I would have liked to get more chicken breast as it seemed as the chicken just filled half of the bun... and just mostly the salad part of the burger.. 
Smoked BBQ Beef wrap was ordered as well, and again.. the hog tail fries were good but the salad on the side is just off putting... I mean, you could add a bit more, to fill the plate up or so.. Seemed abit bare in a way..
Despite the weird portion of the side salad, the wrap consists of Tender strips of beef, grilled onions, hickory smoked BBQ sauce, cheese, lettuce and ranch dressing wrapped in a flour tortilla.. and also the hog tail fries... I've been to Hogs Breath before where the fries weren't as hot or as fresh as they should be.. sometimes they would just be warm and abit soggy which isn't nice to eat..
As for the wrap, I quite liked it better than the grilled chicken wrap.. You could taste the BBQness of the beef and the filling for the wrap was reasonable..
I know it's more of a meaty restaurant but they do have salads and pastas and steaks as well that you could choose from to eat.. But like I said, just because it's a lunch special menu, doesn't mean that the salad on the side is just 2 or 3 pieces of greens randomly placed on the side of the meal..

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