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Ben's Vietnamese & Chinese, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

December 02, 2013

A Vietnamese & Chinese restaurant located in the Gabba is not common, as usually it's the breakfast, brunchie, lunch places that's famous around here... Came here for a quick lunch and I do remember coming here about 2 years ago and it still had that old chinese setting, seatings and that.. Though they probably did change it a little bit, it still looked liked a typical chinese restaurant.. I don't know if I just made sense or not.. but ye..

We ordered the 'Combination Chow Mein' ($16.5) which has a combination of both seafood and meat and crispy egg noodles.. The portion was quite big so it was hard to finish it and also their meats and seafood was given in a generous amount so it was quite worth it for the price..
Second dish that we order 'Salt & Pepper Squid' ($16.9). A classic dish, but still one of my favourites to order, well mostly anything crispy is... Portion is large so definitely, share this dish instead of trying to gulp them all by yourself.. A few pieces of salt & pepper prawns are also placed on top.. I wasn't sure if they got the order wrong or maybe this is how it was.
Large pieces of squid, deep fried in a light batter and sprinkled with chives, salt & pepper and chopped onions and chilli.. The batter was light which was nice as you can see that the squid was quite big in size and was not just those little squid with thick batter where when you bite it, you'll just taste the batter mostly..
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