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Grill'd, Wintergarden, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane CBD

December 24, 2013

Ever heard of 'Ping Pong After Hours'? Well, if you haven't you should get yourself down to Grill'd Burgers in Wintergarden.. The idea started from the States where Ping Pong seems to be such a hit lately, but in down under, it doesn't seem to be.. so what better way to get Brisbane hyped up with ping pong and burgers.. So, the deal is on thursday nights, you can come by to Grill'd, have yourself a burger or two and some drinks and relax by playing ping pong at the back.. Oh, and did I mention there's a dj as well?
Their interior was somewhat different than the other Grill'd stores around which made it unique and different.. They also served alcohol here as well, and being at the upper level of Wintergarden, gives it that more elegant but relaxing atmosphere... Wooden tables and chairs, newspaper covered walls and so on...
 For all burgers ordered, you can choose from two different types of bread, the panini or the traditional wholemeal blend bread, these were presented on the counters, as well as the different sauces they have on offer.. I would recommend the sweet chilli mayo and the herbed mayo.. They are simply great as a dip for the fries especially...
There was a birthday party after we were seated, so it really became crowded.. Many office workers would come and dine in before going home.. The Ping Pong tables just kept on getting more crowded with the DJ playing, it really gave it that extra relaxing and warm feeling.. The bright colourful lights above the ping pong tables just gave it that more fun look..
Our host for the night was extremely friendly and always checked back with us if we needed any more refill or wanted to add extra... We were recommended the slushies at first to start off, which really caught my eye when our host said it included 'pop rocks'.. I have not had them for such a long time, maybe when I was in primary school or so... 
Grill'd Rekordelig Slushy ($8.5) is the first Rekorderlig slushie you can find in the country, it was one of their specialty drinks and no, they did not dissapoint.. You can taste the Rekorderlig and strawberry  and it really mixed well with the pop rocks berry when you put a bit of the pop rocks and drink it, and it'll blow your head away... For the yellowish drink, it was a non-alcoholic slushie but was a nice fresh cool drink... Grill'd Virgin Slushy ($4.5) had white peach and passionfruit in it.. The passionfruit was quite strong in the slushie and again, yes, it was delicious and cool with the pop rocks when drunk together.. 
The first burger we ordered was their Big Queenslander ($13.5) which had grilled grass fed lean beef, tasty cheese, crispy trim bacon, free range egg and a couple of slices of beetroot with salad, relish & herbed mayo... This was such a nice combination to show what us Queenslanders in this Sunshine state is.. However, I didn't really like the traditional bun as I found it rougher and not as soft..
The second burger order was a lamb burger, the lamb burger that was recommended by our host of the night was the Goat's Cheese & Hummus lamb burger ($13.5) which was also a winner.. We were also given their three different sauces to have a try, their sweet chilli mayo, tomato relish and their herbed mayo.. You are able to add these sauces for an extra 70cents..
These herbed chips are yum and I've always loved them.. Sure, it's different than the Peri peri chips from Nandos, but herbed mayo just makes it that tad healthier sounding... Regular size ($4.5) and Snack size ($3.5) and we both got ourselves the snack size just in case the burgers just made our tummy full before we expect it to..
The Goat's Cheese & Hummus burger consisted of grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, meredith goat's cheese, chermoula hummus & salad.. It was a simple lamb burger with not much of this or that jizz, but it tasted well with the goat's cheese & hummus being the main ingredient which made the lamb burger more delicious..
I liked the panini bun better than the traditional, I found it to be much softer and nicer when biting the burger out of.. The salad of the burgers are enough and were not too much nor too little, as if it was more than what was given, I'm pretty sure many of us would have trouble biting through it..

* mynameisFood attended the Ping Pong After Hours event as a guest of Grill'd Burgers and all meals were paid for.

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