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Passion Tree, Elizabeth St, Brisbane CBD

December 08, 2013

Passion Tree is a dessert place on Elizabeth Street, selling various hot and cold drinks, waffles, bingsoo (korean shaved ice dessert) and yogurt... Open 7 days and is quite a cute and relaxing place to enjoy your afternoon sipping your iced coffee or maybe eating yogurt or even trying out their bingsoos.. Quite a shiny and colourful place and definitely eye catching when you walk past it or when you're in the opposite side of the road since their sign on top of the place is massive..

Ordered Flat White and their Red Bean & White Chocolate Passioncino.. At first, I was excited to try a Red Bean & White Chocolate drink since usually in Asia, it's normal to order green tea or red bean drink or dessert, but it's not too common here.. Unless you go to Sunnybank or somewhere very asianish.. However, first downside was that we weren't taking away the drinks and were dining in and both drinks were served in plastic cups.. I can understand for the cold drink but cannot figure out why they did so for the hot drink as well, since if it was take away, then yes, you can give me a drink in a plastic cup... I saw their mug or cup that's usually given in dine-in drinks, however all of the hot drinks were given in a plastic cup.. The Passioncino was interesting and I quite liked it, however the flat white wasn't made well as it was too runny and there seemed to be more milky than the coffee itself...
We ordered their Honey Bread to nibble on.. First time I tried this was when I was in China and ate it and I quite enjoyed it so I decided to try it here.. There were of course the choices of Bingsoos, waffles, yogurt and so on.. But we weren't quite hungry and were going to have dinner soon...
Unfortunately I was quite disappointed with it since the bread was quite tasteless and I'm used to the ones that at least has been squared cut and has flavour in between or so.. The almonds and honey did blend in well, however the blueberry was small in portion and the cream made the bread quite soggy.. The honey was also normal which kind of made the whole dish homemade-able, if that makes sense... I wouldn't recommend this dish but I will probably like to try their bingsoos next time I come back since that seems to be a popular dish as well when I looked around the place..
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