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Phuong Trinh Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant, Inala, Brisbane

February 09, 2014

I cannot recall the last time I came here, but many would say that when you do come to Inala, Vietnamese food is a must.. We were meeting someone and they were already seated at Phuong Trinh, just one of the many Vietnamese restaurants around.. Asian markets and food courts is right next to Inala Plaza though I did get confused why they called it a different name, Inala Civic Centre.. But anyway, you could see people eating around you, most of the restaurants were Vietnamese so no wonder the competition must be quite big around here.. There were also markets which sold vegetables and meat etc, people playing chess, and of course, bubble tea corners..

We ordered spring rolls as entree, came in 5 pieces with a sweet chilli sauce on the side.. Typical usual sweet chillis would have that tangy spiciness to it, and this did too.. I've tried those sweet chillis where the chillis were just a tad spicy or maybe just for its look, but most of the texture and taste were bland as it the tangy part of it overpowered the chilli.. The spring rolls was just ordinary for me, though I did find that the filling seemed quite fresh.. I prefer the rice paper rolls when it comes down to Vietnamese food..
Grilled Pork Rice Vermicelli Salad which consisted of Grilled pork, shredded cucumbers, cabbaged, carrots along with bean sprouts, mint and crushed nuts, all topped on a bed of vermicelli noodle..
Second dish ordered was the Sugarcane Prawn & Spring Roll Vermicelli Salad.. The veges were the same as the Grilled Pork Vermicelli Salad, with the only difference to it was its toppings.. The sauce is always a simple tangy sweet sour sauce with a few shredded carrots in it..
The sugarcane prawn is definitely a delicacy, grilled shrimp which is usually served on a sugar cane stick, which this did not.. However, its soft chewy texture just blends in well with everything.. I'd even buy some to take home, to nibble on it when I get a grumbling tummy... The texture is grilled which makes it crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside...
I wanted to try this here because I wanted to compare it to the ones I have tried in other Viet restaurants.. Portions were big and for the price, I reckon it was worth it.. The way he taught me to eat this dish was to pour all of the sauce in the dish and mix it all up, then eat it..
Pork Chop Broken Rice dish is one of the famous Vietnamese dishes around.. Their broken rice dishes is also a must try Vietnamese dish if you ever feel like rice at the time.. It comes with grilled pork or pork chop or both (whichever you choose), thinly shredded pork mixed along with cooked pork skin, fried egg,pickled vegetables and prawn paste cake on top of broken rice.. For those of you who aren't familiar with what broken rice is, it is basically rice that has been broken through its milling process.. 

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