Toby's Estate, Sydney Airport, Sydney - my name is Food.

Toby's Estate, Sydney Airport, Sydney

11:05:00 PM

While waiting for our flights back to Bne, we decided to have coffee and something to nibble on.. We saw Toby's Estate in the corner opposite Maccas and since he was a coffee drinker, he didn't wanted to look at any other places.. We ordered the usual Flat White and I didn't feel like a coffee so I ordered an Iced mocha.. For the nibble, the almond croissant looked divine and so that was it.. Flat white was nicely done and he was happy.. The Iced mocha balanced the coffee and chocolate well, with neither too strong that overpowered the other.. The almond croissant, when heated, oh gosh, was maybe one of the good almond croissants I have tried around.. I've only liked a few places so far, some were not almondy enough, lacked the almond meal or such.. 

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