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The Gunshop Cafe, West End, Brisbane

February 16, 2014

Another revisit to Gunshop on a saturday for brunch before heading off to a cultural festival at the powerhouse.. The last time I ate here, I quite liked the food that they had on the menu, the classics but with its uniqueness with condiments that you wouldn't have thought of combining one with another with..

I wasn't too hungry at the time so I chose their dish which sounded just like bacon and eggs.. Chriberg double smoked free range bacon, organic Mt Cotton poached eggs, herbed hollandaise, roasted vined tomato served with Leavain organic sourdough ($18.5).. Outlook wise was simple, a simple dish, simple ingredients, just reminded me of making breakfast at home really..
The roasted vined tomato was quite different I reckon to be placed along side of a breakfast meal, not your typical sliced tomato or such.. Petite but still the juiciness of it blended in well with the poached eggs.. Eggs were poached well, drooled over the egg yolk when it oozed out as soon as I poked it with my fork, though I would have preferred it cooked more around.. The herbed hollandaise was a winner, I would've liked more of it though on the plate.. I didn't end up finishing the sourdough, as one toast was enough for me..
Tasmanian smoked salmon, poached eggs, traditional kettle boiled bagel, horseradish creme fraiche, capers and red onion ($18.5).. Looked quite similar to when I ordered it a few months ago, however, they've changed the bagel to a poppyseed bagel, and their presentation somehow changed just a little..
I am quite aware that they have changed a bit of their menu, so I can't wait to try out their new dishes on the menu..

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