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Billykart Kitchen, Annerley, Brisbane

August 10, 2014

Spanner Crab Spaghetti, tomato, chilli and basil
With all the buzz that has been happening in the CBD or around it, more restaurants or more cafes opening up, don't under estimate or forget about those restaurants that may be away from the city centre but offers great food. Here we have Billykart Kitchen, owned by celebrity chef, Ben O'Donoghue and his wife, Dee, located in Annerley in a suburban area.
A revamped old corner shop reviving the tradition of an old fashioned local store..
Simple menu..
Having around 80 seatings to accomodate, there are high tables and standard tables too, I would recommend outside if it doesn't get windy for the fresh air, but if not, inside seating is always pleasant..
Knick Knacks on the wall shelves..
Magazines, Novels, Cookbooks, also by Ben O'Donoghue himself..
'Spanner Crab Spaghetti' ($24) consisted of spanner crab meat, tomato, chilli and basil.. Served in a deep dish plate, hot bottom based, the portion of it was massive which in the end was quite troubling to not be able to finish the dish..
There were big chunks of spanner crab meat in the dish which was nice to see that they have used, instead of those thinly sliced or pulled. The tomato based sauce was kept simple which really brought out the taste of all the elements in it, the crab, the chunky tomato, the chilli was not strong but every fork full of spaghetti, you would be able to taste the slight chilli..
'Pulled Berkshire Pork Shoulder Sandwich with sugarloaf slaw and Baja sauce' ($18.5) was the dish he ordered and it looked quite simple, presented on a white plate along with some salted peppered straight cut fries on the side.
The Berkshire pulled pork was think and chunky, though it was moist inside. The sugar loaf slaw was a well combined salad and was a nice difference rather than the usual greens you get in a burger or a sandwich.. It lacked a bit of sauce I think in the slaw, however, the Baja sauce was the perfect sauce to blend in with the pulled pork pattie.. 
For those who are not familiar with Baja sauce, it is simply a seasoned spicy mayonnaise which Jalapenos or peppers may be use in order for their spicyness and is just right for even the slaw itself. There was a dollop of cream on top of the baja sauce which can be mixed in together to make it a creamy Baja sauce..

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