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Little Pawpaw, Kitchener Rd, Chermside, Brisbane

August 25, 2014

It's nice to see brekky places in the north side or south, not having to always it being around the CBD area.. Little Pawpaw is under the same group of Pawpaw Cafe, Mons Ban Sabai, Green Papaya and Picnic. Hidden in a suburban area of Chermside, though not too close to Westfield Chermside, going by car is preferable.. It was quite troubling to find it, since having thought that it would be near the main road side, but instead, was at the far end of the other side..
Little nook at the corner
Started off with a cup of Cappuccino ($3.5) and Soy Iced Mocha ($6.5).. They serve Campos coffee so you definitely would know that the coffee would be good, however, mine turned out runnier than usual..
'French Toast' ($15.9) with brioche bread, maple, bacon and homemade banana jam. Presentation was okay, the strawberries didn't match with the whole dish I think, leaving it with the bacon and banana would be enough.
I like my Brioche breads but I think that it would have been nicer if the brioche was sliced thicker since it kind of made eating the whole dish very soggy..
The banana jam was quite interesting, but the combination of the jam and the bacon blended in well. I would have preferred just fresh bananas though instead of banana jam, again, along with the maple syrup, it made eating the french toast soggier, not having that slight toastiness on the brioche's crust..
'Steak sandwich' ($16.9) had seared rump steak, tomato, crispy onion rings, rocket, beetroot relish, gruyere cheese on a toasted Turkish bread served with a side of chips. When it first came out, the dish seemed so big and appetizing as the portion filled the whole plate and I wonder how I'll be able to finish it all..
The burger was satisfying though more sauce would be nice, it was a bit dry I think though the beetroot relish was nice.
The only downside of this dish, were the Onion rings.. Big juicy onion rings on your plate, and who wouldn't want to eat them right up? Well, that's what I did, and it was not... definitely NOT great. The reason being was that it was the most bitter Onion rings I have ever tasted. I have no idea what happened or why it became like this but from the first bite, the bitterness entered my mouth and it just tasted like cough medicine chewed up basically.. 
Though I think it was because of its batter which I think they have put too much baking powder in the batter (that is if they do add it in the batter, since this is just a wild guess of mine). I have experimented baking with various amounts of baking powder, and a little too much may just ruin your whole dish or baked food.. I didn't end up eating the rest of the onion rings, though I did try and take a little bite of the other onion ring, and the same taste again.. I did inform the waitress but nothing happened, all I received was a 'Really?' and a quick 'Sorry' and an 'Okay'..
Not sure if it is a recommended place, but do have a try when you're around..

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