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Miel Container, Cnr Mary St and Albert St, Brisbane CBD

August 17, 2014

Miel Container (Premium Homemade Burger) lies at the corner of Mary and Albert St., easily noticeable with its bright red shipping tin with seats both inside and outside. A simple but eye catching joint offering the food where we all know, everyone loves, which is.. Burgers, of course.. This isn't your fine dining, nor your food court food, what reminds me of this were the American street food, selling simple but delicious food where you won't be able to resist to try when you walk past..

You might see it packed during lunchtime, though even at dinner, you may be lucky if you get a seat, or if not, you could always take away or just wait for a bit for someone to finish eating and grab their table.. Though I have to say, it is worth the wait and there were as much people getting takeaway as diners too, well, that was when I was there on a Friday night..
Glass display of the ingredients, allowing diners to see what's happening in the kitchen..
Macarons also available
Salt and Pepper? Knives? Find them here in this cute little gardening tools...
Well, in Miel, they have a variety of choices, but the main idea of it is to either 'Design your own burger' which allows you to choose from either a Ciabatta or a Brioche Bun, then you choose the meat of your choice, vegetables, cheese, sauce and any extras that you would like to add on. For the lazy ones that don't want to try and figure out or can't decide what to order, there are always the 'Miels' Classic Burgers' which consists of five different burgers including a Beef Pattie burger, Caprese burger, Tandoori burger, Korean BBQ Bulgogi burger and Miso Smoked Pork Belly burger.. Steak burger is also available, so is a wide variety of Sides and Snacks..
All burgers comes with Beer battered chips, but I did see some diners having the burger and only a couple of chips on the side, so.. we decided to order more Beer Battered chips (M: $4.9, L: 6.9) as a side. The Beer Battered chips were fried nicely, with herb salt, though reminds me of Grill'd herb chips..
Since I wasn't too hungry, and we were going for drinks at Eagle Street Pier to meet up with some friends, we decided to just share a burger.. and surprisingly, it was fulfilling, or maybe that's because I wasn't hungry? We ordered the 'Miel Beef Pattie Burger' ($12) which had Australian Grass Fed Beef Pattie, lettuce, tomato, onion jam, bacon, bush tomato, chutney, dill mayo and tasty cheese all on a brioche bun. When the dish arrived, what intrigued and caught my eye was the Brioche bun. You know sometimes you would order something and before even eating it, you knew that it would be delicious? Well, this was one of those food..
The brioche bun seemed to have been slightly toasted or pan fried giving it a nice texture and crisp on the outside, but still keeping the inside moist. Even if the filling were just simple, it was definitely a mouthful. The side of chips could have been better, only about 5 pieces of chips were given. A side of Dill Mayo was also given which was nice as you could dip the chips in it, and adding a sauce won't cost you more than $2.5 here, since dipping sauces were only 70cents whilst sauces were $1..
Recommended place if you want to have a quick lunch or even a nice casual place to eat burgers instead of a high end restaurant or the food court..

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