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Gallery Cafe, Westfield Chermside, Brisbane

September 26, 2014

Gallery Cafe is situated right at the centre of the mall in front of David Jones in Westfield Chermside. I would always walk past it but never tried it though I have tried their sister restaurant in Carindale. We decided to have a quick not-so-filling-lunch as we weren't that hungry and whilst walking past it, we thought we would try the place.

Gallery Cafe's seatings are walled by their white letters surrounding the cafe
Assorted pastries and breads displayed in front of their counter
We started with a bowl of Fries which didn't come with any sauce unfortunately but it was nicely fried though more seasoning would have been nice.
'Spicy Beef & Bacon' pizza ($19.5) was quite a pricy pizza for a cafe but there was only two of their pizza variety that caught my eye. It took a while for the pizzas to come but luckily we had the fries to help the time go past without feeling hungry. The pizza consisted of spicy beef, bacon, olives, tomato, onion, basil and mozzarella cheese.
I found that the portion of the pizza was worth the price in a cafe as it was quite a big portion enabling you to share it with maybe about 3-4 people, but of course if you are in the stage of grumbling tummies then maybe, more food would be needed but since there was only the two of us, it seemed too much for us during the time. The crust and dough was nice, crispy on the outside and moist in the inside. However, the crust may have been a bit too thin. The toppings were generous however, I felt that the beef was not spicy as it stated on the menu. As for the olives, it was a nice a touch with the combination of the basil and beef. There were more beef than bacon on the pizza but overall, it was not a bad pizza.

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