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The Ponycat Cafe, New Farm, Brisbane

September 16, 2014

Another New Farm based brunch place, Ponycat located in Brunswick St in New Farm is at the corner amongst other restaurants and shops. One of the things that caught my eye from the online photos I have seen were the chalked menu on the counter and the graffiti art walls. Oh, also the food I guess, but it seemed more of classic meals instead of fusionised or hyped up dishes offered when compared to the other brekky competitor eateries around in Brisbane.

Entrance and side view of Ponycat Cafe
Seatings are both indoors and outdoors and see the colourful chalked menu and graffiti walls?
We started off with their 'Benny Burger w Ham' ($16) which had poached eggs and a choice of either Ham or Salmon. At first, in presentation it lacked the overall glow. Placed on a plate, slightly opened having the hollandaise sauce oozing out, but the rest of the plate were left empty. It just felt like a lonely burger for me. When serving a simple dish but when you don't expect to play around with the plate, then a big round plate for one burger, doesn't seem to look that appetizing for me, it just is, it's just that's it.
Taste wise? It was okay, not bad I guess.. I was quite hard to eat since the hollandaise sauce is just those type of sauces that would keep oozing out everytime you take a bite. It is a handful when trying to pick it up with your hands to eat, so I would recommend deconstructing it in a way and eating it with a fork and knife. The bread roll seemed a bit dry for me and lacked some kind of spread, other than the hollandaise sauce. The poached eggs were done well, and it was just one of those dishes where it's simplicity just makes you enjoy the food.
'Smoked salmon' ($18) served on scrambled eggs and ciabatta bread with cherry tomato salsa and balsamic glaze.. The portion was quite a lot and the plate this time was decorated, however the cherry tomato salsa didn't taste like a salsa for me. It just reminded me of Bruschetta but using cherry tomatoes. A bit of oil, herbs and tomatoes just reminded me when I used to make Bruschetta.
I found that the scrambled egg were nicely done, it was not undercooked nor overcooked, it just had the right texture and moistness in it. The smoked salmon seemed fresh and I don't think the lemon wedge on the side was needed as just by itself was just nice.
The balsamic glaze was a nice touch to the dish as it complimented both the scrambled eggs and the smoked salmon. The ciabatta was again abit dry with no butter etc spread on it although it was nicely toasted.
Though this place did not enter my 'Favourite brunch' places, it is worth a try, their specials changes frequently so you can always try something different if you don't want the classic dishes.

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