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Hong Depot, Melbourne St, South Brisbane, Brisbane

September 13, 2014

Hong Depot, a Korean restaurant offering both A-la-carte and BBQ. Though its location is a bit out of place, the corner of Melbourne St in West End, opposite where Coles is, and close to the well-known Three Monkeys.. I don't usually go for Korean in West End, a bit off for me as my usual Korean restaurants would either be in the CBD or in the southside..

Both outside and inside seating are available, with most of the tables having the exhaust on top of it for those wanting to have grill. Though I have to say that the 2 seater table incl the BBQ grill is quite small, so I would recommend sitting at a bigger table or if you're not thinking of grilling and ordering maybe 2 dishes or so, then that's fine. Otherwise, you would have to somehow try and fit the side dishes, your food and the drinks all at the same table which is quite tight for space. We ended up having to put the water on the chair to clear table space..
A range of side dishes were given, 3 varieties to be exact. Kimchi, Angel noodle salad and a fish cake with onion and carrot mix. We started off ordering our meats, which consisted of ;Bulgogi Beef' (200g - $18.8) and 'Boneless Short Beef Rib' (200g - $21).
I'll start off by saying that their presentation, yes it was plated but on a small plate, seemed as if they were trying to not plate it in one big plate showing the nature and the freshness of the meat, but instead, they'd rather just get a handful and plop it down on a small rectangle plate. The vegetables were nice to be given, but 2 pieces of corn cobs, 2 button mushrooms, 4 green beans and a slice of onion, to be shared for two, just seemed abit off to me.
The Boneless Beef short rib, was marinated with salt, pepper and sesame oil. I found it quite hard to have to keep continuously seperating the meats off each other, and also they did not  look as fresh as it should be. The taste was just normal, not the worse nor the best.
As for the Bulgogi beef, it stated that it was thinly sliced on the menu, but I don't think it was.. marinated in soy sauce, I found it to be too wet draining the beef and there seemed to be quite an amount of fat in both the Bulgogi Beef and the Boneless Beef short rib which was not a nice sight, I mean it's nice for pork maybe.. but not so much when it comes to beef.. Again, presentation was just that, and taste was just normal yet again.
Bulgogi Beef
I wouldn't exactly recommend this place for your go-to Korean spot since there are many more other Korean restaurants that would serve a much better looking and tasting BBQ meat. I can't comment on their a-la-carte dishes but I don't think I'll want to go back, I'll stick to my usual.

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