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Fat Noodle, Treasury Casino, Brisbane CBD

March 05, 2015

It's not that I fancy this restaurant so much until I keep revisiting it, but sometimes, it is rather quite a convenient place to dine, the environment and the ambience as well. It wasn't that busy during lunch time so it was rather nice to dine at a more peaceful and not so noisy environment. If you like your Asian hawker style food, then give here a try since you may just find what you're missing on from back home or from your previous travels. The food ranges from Vietnamese cuisine to chinese, Indonesian to Thai and so on. The place is quite spacious with seatings available inside and out, bar seatings as well, oh and did I mention private function rooms too? It's nice to see restaurants that can cater for various needs and likes.
It didn't take long for the food to arrive which was good since no one likes a grumbling tummy and having to wait long for meals. We started off with the 'Vegetarian Spring Rolls' ($9) with glass noodles, tofu, carrots and wood ear mushroom. Spring rolls are delicious yes, but I never think of them of great, with Vietnamese cuisines, I still would rather opt for the rice paper rolls.
Another entree we had was the 'Salt and Pepper Silken Tofu' ($10) just looked liked Japanese Agedashi Tofu for me with a thin batter topped with spring onions, garlic and chillies. The salt and pepper had a nice balance to it, but since it just reminded me so much of Agedashi Tofu, it made me want to eat the real Japanese Agedashi tofu with the broth.
'XO Glass Noodles' ($17) with oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts and Australian East Coast prawns was quite a simple dish. It has around 5 pieces of prawns, green beans and onions too. As for its taste, the XO sauce was quite over powering but blends all of the ingredients together nicely. It's nice to see how they kept the spiciness of the dish and did not tone it down for the market.
'Caramelized Pork Ribs with Egg' ($18) with Jasmine rice and Vietnamese pickles. This dish could have been one of the best out of the rest. The Jasmine rice wasn't sticky nor dry and was just nicely cooked and the vietnamese pickles complimented the dish well. It was not too strong on the vinegar but also had the zing to it still.
The Caramelized pork ribs were nicely done with the meat also not being too hard off the bone. The hint of coriander and chilli was nice and the leftover sauce at the bottom is just simply divine when mixed in with the warm rice.
'Mee Goreng' ($18) with prawns, chicken, octopus, sambal chilli sauce and singapore noodles. Okay, for one thing, I usually never buy Mee goreng at restaurants in Brisbane, why? Because they usually don't match even with the original Mee Goreng in Indonesia. 
The sambal chilli sauce was a nice compliment with the dish, however, it lacked the 'Kecap Manis' (aka. Soy Sauce) and also, the prawns and chicken is fine but putting octopus in just ruined it for me, it made the dish more fishier than it should have been. Mee Goreng is suppose to be a simple Indonesian dish, nothing fancy, but delicious.

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