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Blackboard Specialty Coffee, Varsity Lakes, Queensland

June 01, 2015

When I started seeing those oozy-plumpy-syringed cronuts, I knew I had to go down and have one, or maybe two.. Blackboard Specialty Coffee is located in the suburbs of Varsity Lakes, humbly located near the Bond University campus serving their specialty coffee with their famous cronuts, also a few food items on their menu. A simple interior, a relaxed atmosphere, a bakery is there too for any takeaways on any sweets or sandwiches, wooden tables, white tiled walls, even their waiters were laid-back.

We started with their specialty, the coffee. They offer three types of different coffee blends in which you can choose which you would like. We ordered Flat White, Long Black and their Iced Coffee. Their Iced Coffee was bottled and is apparently made with maple syrup, giving it that hint of sweetness in its taste. Do order an empty glass if you don't fancy drinking it out of the bottle, but if you want, like what I did was ask for a straw and drink it through the bottle.
We actually did come in for the cronuts, and whilst it was a few hours before noon, we were told that the cronuts had sold out and yes, we were quite dissapointed. We were told to come in very early or book them before we come in. It is rather convenient and easy if you do live in Gold Coast, but for us Brisbaners, it might be a bit of a hassle to do so. So, no cronuts, sad faces, though the good coffee made us stay and thought that maybe we might as well try their Breakfast menu while we're here. The menu did not have a huge variety, but was sufficient. Its prices were higher than usual but I guess we can't blame them since they are next to Bond University so maybe making the prices too low would not be beneficial for them.
'Smashed Avocado' w goat's cheese, dukkah, raw greens, poached eggs on sourdough ($18) was a simple but uplifting breakfast. Adding those extra bits and pieces do make a simple smashed avocado on toast that little bit special. However, I did find the sourdough to be too toasted making it very hard to bite, to chew and also knife through. The sourdough was hard and was not crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. The smashed avocado and poached eggs were well done.
Although their menu may have changed recently, I did forget to take a picture of the menu. From what I remembered, this was their 'Pork Ciabatta' served with hand cut chps and mayo. This may have been their Special of the Day but am not sure.
The hand cut chips were crispy and fried nicely, with a hint of salt, not too much was just great. The sauce was okay, but the hand cut chips by itself already had its flavour so the sauce wasn't needed I reckon. As for the Pork Ciabatta, it was refreshing to have the slaw with the pulled pork. However, the pulled pork seemed to have been quite mushy due to the sauce but that didn't really bother us. The use of bean sprouts in the slaw was interesting but gave it that extra crunch within it.
A nice place to have breakfast in Varsity Lakes, a place where it isn't too touristy, not too noisy either. Will have to come back here earlier next time to get our hands on their cronuts.

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