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Pizza Capers' new Rustico Thin Base review

June 22, 2015

When I heard that Pizza Capers was launching their new Rustico Thin Base, it got me thinking.. Will it be those really thin bases that when you pick your pizza slice up, it will just get soggy down the bottom? Pizza Capers said it will be full of flavour, made in store using quality ingredients and a traditional recipe. Along with their generous toppings, the thin base would be complemented well. Let's have a try shall we?

We didn't order through the phone since it is usually easier coming in and waiting. Have a little walk around whilst waiting, use up some energy before indulging on a delicious pizza. It usually takes a while to get them to accept my order because of the voucher I had, but this time, I was surprised that they didn't ask any questions and a Yes, that's fine. What would you like? and that made me glad not having to explain what the voucher is for and blabla. We ordered the 'Reef and Beef' (L: $22.95), premium beef, cajun prawns, rasher bacon, spanish onion, capsicum, lemon pepper, mozarella on a pizza sauce base finished with hollandaise, fresh shallots and a lemon wedge. And oh my, what a good choice we made. Last time we wanted to order this, but we didn't and got ourselves the Bourbon Chicken instead.
Doesn't it look gorgeous? Well, it's a pizza. I know. The new rustico thin base looked nice and crispy, not burnt and also looked like it was just right, not too thin nor too thick. I usually like ordering my pizzas in thin bases only when I want to eat more than a few slices, usually two would already make me quite full and I try not to be really full. Seeing the toppings on the pizza seems as if the toppings were overflowing, well nearly.. 
The premium beef was nicely combined with all the other toppings, not hard and had the right texture. The cajun prawns didn't taste like cajun prawns, but just seemed like normal prawns. The touch of the capsicum, spanish onion, fresh shallots and the rasher bacon made the whole pizza such a kick. There were just all these things going on every after bite. However, some of  your toppings do tend to fall off along with the cheese stuck onto it. The tomato sauce base could have been a bit more since as you can see along near the crust, the tomato sauce seems dry. However, the hollandaise sauce on top of the pizza gave it that touch, creamy hollandaise mixed in well with the tomato base beef and prawns pizza. The amount of prawns on the pizza, also the beef, was very sufficient. It wasn't like those usual takeaway pizzas you get where you only find 4 pepperonis or a few rasher bacons or soggy base.
Pizza Capers has many different pizza choices and when you do order, and like your thin bases, do try their new Rustico Thin Base. Check out their website Pizza Capers to have a look through the menu, order online or simply visit your closest Pizza Capers and enjoy! Won't be dissapointed.

*mynameisFood. was given a voucher to review any large pizza to try on Pizza Capers' new Rustico Thin base, all opinions and views are my own.

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