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Naughty Nuri's Warung and Grill, Kerobokan, Bali, Indonesia

June 02, 2015

One of the places you need to visit when you're in Bali if you like your Barbecued Ribs.. Although this would not be your typical ribs since it will be basted in an Indonesian spice and a very much different atmosphere than the Ribs restaurant we have here in Aussie. A more relaxed, casual but hot and humid atmosphere, filled with naughty but nice ribs. However, I have heard that there is a competitor now that may just beat them in both taste and basting wise which I yet need to try but for now, here is Naughty Nuri's Warung's ribs for you in review..

Seatings are available both indoors and outdoors however, the more you go in, the more it is usually packed with bigger groups as they prefer to sit under corrugated roof.. To be honest, it kind of looks like a wooden shack or some sort.
As you enter the restaurant, you can smell and see the people barbecuing the meats which kind of welcomes you into the restaurant and allow you to smell what you will be eating later on after you order. You are allowed to watch them cook if you would like to but I feel that many places in Indonesia lack the customer service. Some restaurants has great food but due to the unprofessional-ism and unfriendliness of the staff makes it troublesome and makes you lazy to come again unless you really need to or so..
Some may not believe this, but the restaurant owns only one grill which is on the outside of the restaurant on the street. Although the grill may be small but it does the work I guess, being able to serve up that many customers every day. The ribs are first dunked into a metal basin of barbecue sauce before being grilled and later served.
Maybe we are just a beer person, but eating ribs will not be complete without a 'Jug of Beer' (Various Beers 1.25l from IDR45rb-65rb: AUD $4.5-6.5). Although I have heard that they serve up pretty good Martinis too.
'Pork Ribs' (IDR119rb: AUD$11.9) is a full slab of the pork ribs. The meat itself was succulent, slightly charred on the outside, the sauce was enough for the whole ribs and even if there were more, that would have been better. Since the pork ribs was already filled with flavour, it was only served with a slice of lime.
'Nasi Goreng with Satay' was just okay, it wasn't anything special I think. The Nasi Goreng was served similar to what Japanese would call an Omurice as an omelette wrapped the Nasi Goreng. The Nasi Goreng lacked flavour and while the satay had flavour and the smokyness, the whole dish did not top their ribs in any way. However, for those who do want to have a taste of other Indonesian dishes, then yes, this would suit you as it gives you a taste of Indonesian fried rice and satay.

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