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American Doughnut Kitchen, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD

July 23, 2015

Now, for your Melbourners, you don't have to worry about this and you guys would probably already know what I'm going to write about. But for those who has never been to Melbourne or Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne, then you are missing out big time mates.. Of course, Queen Victoria Markets is filled with goodness, from fresh fruit and veges to fresh baked pastries or deli cheeses and cured meats, even handmade goods or your fresh fishes, you can find it all here, all under one roof. It doesn't open everyday but when it does, it will be good if you could come before lunchtime because it does get packed quite easily. It's always nice walking through the markets on a chilly day in Melbourne. Now, this little ball of goodness above is a Queen Victoria Market visit must-have, oh this is a definite fix you must entice yourself upon whenever you go to Queen Vic, don't ask why, just do it and after you have taken a bite, I'm pretty sure you will fall in love with it as much as I did.

Just look for this van when you're in Queen Vic Markets, they're usually out front of the fresh foods area..
Would you believe me if I said that this American Doughnut Van has been serving up the most delicious jam filled delights since the 1950s? I've always loved history so it's nice to see how something from the 1950s has not stopped serving and has kept its recipe unchanged since they started.

Their dough is made fresh the day before trade and transported to the market ready to produce and serve up the donuts. What can be better than watching your food being made right before your eyes? You will never see them just hanging around, but four people in a van, working constantly is so nice to see how much passion and dedication they have to produce such a good quality doughnut from start to finish and yes... you can watch the whole process. Isn't that fun? Waiting wouldn't be so boring anymore..
Look at them !! What a delight..
American Jam Doughnuts ($5.5 for 5) is a definite bargain I say. Won't break your buck, nor would it make you frown. But seriously, for that price and for five of them? Who can refuse? Even I can't find such a good price and good quality doughnuts for that price whether it be in Brissie or Melbourne other than here.. Yummy piping hot raspberry filled doughnuts!!
Their size is just perfect, be careful though when you bite through because it is very hot and the jam may just ooze out and ruin your white shirt. They were light, not too overly thick in terms of the dough, fried well and crispy on the outside but had a fluffyness inside and a plus for me was that it isn't too sweet either. I don't quite like when things gets too sweet, makes my teeth all tingly. 

Great customer service, the queues were quick meaning that even if there was a long line, you would get to the front rather quickly. I would definitely come back just for these, wake up in the morning, grab some fresh air, get some doughnuts and ta-da, your day just got even better with a delightful start!

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