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Spicy Fish, Little Bourke St, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

July 09, 2015

It was about 9.30 pm in chilly Melbourne when we decided to have dinner. As I had a few places I had wanted to go for dinner, we made our way to the restaurant. We wanted a nice warm chinese meal at the time so we didn't particularly noticed the Italian or Korean etc etc restaurants as we passed by it. Unfortunately, the restaurant I had wanted to go to was closed and so, having to walk back again, I decided to try the next one on my list, and again, it seemed to have closed earlier than what I thought it would normally be. I wasn't being judgemental or anything, but since it is in the CBD, plus near Chinatown, and may I have to remind you that it is a Chinese restaurant may it be a Dumplings restaurant or just a noodle soup but no, I did not expect it to close at around this time.

And so, our journey ended us with grumbling tummies, trying to look for a Chinese restaurant in the heart of Little Bourke St area and some were quite filled but the menu didn't interest us. We came across 'Spicy Fish' a restaurant located on the GF of Target Centre, a restaurant that didn't look as much as appealing but what the heck, we gave it a shot.. So that's how we ended up here, in 'Spicy Fish', whilst being tired of walking around at night trying to find a casual delicious Chinese restaurant.

As we were seated, the restaurant wasn't filled but there was quite a number of tables filled. We were just hoping that this would be a good place to dine at as we were quite hungry. We decided to order 'Peking Noodle with Meat Sauce' ($11.8) which was a simple dish of thin rice noodles, served with a big spoon of what seemed to be called their Meat Sauce which tasted somewhat of a minced beef and mushrooms in an oyster and soy sauce based sauce, two pieces of bok choy too on the side.
If I had to recommend this dish, I am not sure if I would or wouldn't. It was simple, it had the distinct taste of oyster and soy sauce yes, but it wasn't special, it wasn't intriguing nor was it as rich of full of flavour as I had hoped it would be. At first, the meat sauce seems more than enough for the noodles, but when you start mixing it all together so that the rice noodles can also be seperated and be marinated in the sauce, it seems that the meat sauce was not enough. The side of bok choy was a nice touch but with its portion, it did not do justice, however, the whole dish was covered in rice noodle 3/4 of the bowl.
'Shanghai Fried Noodles' ($13.8) was similar to your usual Hokkien mee but the sauce was not as strong as your usual Hokkien mee. It had a mixture of various meat and vegetables including chicken, bok choy, bamboo shoots and fish cake. Another simple dish and was better than the Peking noodles.
It was quite bland for my liking but I think it is a good dish to order if you are here with a group and wanting to share a dish. It was not as oily which was nice but overall, it was just, okay.

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