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The Quarter, Degraves St, Melbourne CBD, Melbourne

July 03, 2015

If you ever stumble upon Degraves St in Melbourne CBD, I would recommend you to walk through it, find a suitable or eye-catching place and dine there whether it may be for breakfast, lunch, dessert or even just coffee and cake. Degraves St is a must visit definitely, with its European style laneways, a variety of coffee shops and as you walk through it, the smell of the aroma from coffee beans is just what make Melbourne, Melbourne. Alfresco setting, warm interiors, it just simply reminded me of those little European cafes even their lamps and seats reminded me of them.

We decided to share two mains, first which was the 'Morrocan Chicken' ($17.5) which consisted of Aromatic spiced chicken, mushrooms, olives, toasted pine nuts and fresh spinach. It took a little while for the pizza to come out, even if they weren't fully busy but since we had a lot of catching up to do with a friend of ours, it didn't matter as such. When it came out, I could smell the spice, looking at it, I knew that the pizza would be yummy but was I right? Sometimes, not everything that looks pretty is always nice right?
The crust, the dough, I find that in every pizza, this is the most common mistake some people can make when making pizzas. The toppings, yes of course that's important too. But if you get a pizza crust that's too thin, making your pizza base all soggy and you can't even pick it up, then that's a problem. The crust was nicely done, the dough was not too thick nor too thin. It is nice to see that some people understands how not everyone likes a plain crispy crust, so by having those smears of sauce a bit to the side was a nice touch. As for the toppings, the spiced chicken combined well with the mushrooms and olives etc. The BBQ sauce I found was too strong and was only placed mostly in the middle which quite overpowered the nice-ness of the spiced chicken.
Another great thing was that this was very cheesy, a sufficient amount of toppings and cheese.. may I say, Well done!
Next, we had the 'Grilled Cajun Chicken Burger w Chips' ($18.5), a grilled cajun marinated chicken breast, tomato, cos lettuce, caramelised onions, pancetta, gruyere cheese served in a Turkish roll served with chips. They didn't really have much burger options and this was the only one other than the Wagyu Beef that caught our eye. When it came out, it looked very simple and looked small but maybe that was because they used a big round plate which made the whole dish looking smaller than it should've.
The grilled cajun chicken was spiced and marinated well, grilled well too. The combination of the simple chicken breast and tomato, fresh greens, caramelised onions complimented it well. Gruyere cheese was used which was quite unique since you don't usually find burgers with Gruyere cheese as often, well, not as I have seen so it was nice having to eat a burger not with your typical Cheddar or Swiss or Mozarella and such. The turkish bread was decent in size but if I had to say it was Wow, I wouldn't, it was not bad, but it didn't blow me away.
The chips were cooked fine, but since we weren't having a big grumbling tummy that day, it was bit hard to finish everything off. I would visit here again and maybe see how they go on the weekend or at night, but the only thing that I remember was the customer service was a bit slow and weren't as friendly as they could have been.

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