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Ikkudo Ichi, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

January 22, 2016

Ikkudo Ichi is one of the many Ramen places you can dine at Grand Indonesia Mall in Jakarta. It is quite a small area inside but fits a decent amount of diners, though you might have to wait for a bit sometimes when they do have a queue. I would say though overall that the ramen here reminded me of the ramen back here, but it just had a more Street and casual feeling..
As you can see, the restaurant itself is quite small and we arrived here after work quite early so it wasn't right on dinner time allowing us to get our table quickly and by the time we finished eating, there were so many diners coming in. When  we sat down, we were offered drinks and we ordered both a 'Hot Ocha' and 'Cold Ocha' (Both at IDR9,8rb - AUD$0.98). It's nice to see when Japanese restaurants serves their green tea using real tea leaves, and not just tea bags.. Quite dissapointing if they do. Gladly, they used real tea leaves as you can taste a bit of the residue as you get to the bottom.
'Age Buta Gyoza' (IDR28rb - AUD$2.8) are Deep fried Pork Gyoza in which a portion gets you 6 pieces which I found was a normal amount in Japanese restaurants. It was rather small than I thought it would be but not too much. It was fully deep fried and there are also grilled gyoza if you would like a healthier option on the menu.
I found that just a simple light soy sauce as a sauce was a nice dipping sauce instead of a sweet chilli or a chilli sauce given along with the dumplings. It was very hot when it arrived so be careful when biting into it. The filling was delicious with the pork broth oozing out a bit as you bite through it.
All ramens are served with either chicken or pork charsiu, spring onions, sliced mushrooms and soft boiled golden egg. We both ordered the same which was 'Tori/Buta Signature' (IDR49.8rb - AUD$5) which was their Signature ramen served with either Chicken or Pork Charsiu in which of course, the choice of meat would be obviously Pork Charsiu.
The first thing that you see when you get a big bowl of ramen on your table is its presentation, then you see if the soft boiled egg is done right, then you check if they have given you a sufficient amount of charsiu, then you take a spoonful of the broth, sip and taste it, try their ramen noodles... then judge and comment.. well, that's the way I eat my ramen usually. Soft boiled eggs were cooked nicely, the broth reminded me of your Tonkotsu base but it seemed to be a bit thicker compared to the lighter version. Full of flavour, the seasoning and spices has been balanced out well, the ramen noodles were chewy and cooked through well.
One of the best thing you get here where you won't get anywhere else (even in Aussie, I haven't been to a Ramen place where they would offer this..) is that they serve you fresh garlic along with a wooden skewer and a garlic press. Why? So that for those garlic lovers, like myself... is able to mince your own garlic whilst inserting it into your ramen, as much or as little as you would like. What a fun but also very garlicky way to eat your ramen. Although not all ramen is good with garlic, or may not suit it as well as it being how it should be, having a few garlic cloves is always so gooodd I reckon.. And yes, with just being the two of us dining, we did finish the whole garlic portion given in the bowl.
One of the nicest, humblest Japanese Ramen places to dine at, I would come back here again and try their other Ramen.. Maybe their Curry ramen or their Tsukemen..

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