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The Old Malaya Cafe, 313@Somerset, Singapore

January 09, 2016

A humble restaurant on the ground floor of 313@Somerset in Singapore. Here you are able to experience old traditional and classic dishes of Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian dishes. Although all these cuisines are incorporated to how Singapore food is today. A humble restaurant offering an olden vintage tables and chairs, a more cafe feeling let's say.
 'Popiah' (SGD$2.8) is a must try dish when you're in Singapore. It may not look like much but the filling will make you like it even more with every bite. Usually in every restaurant that serves up old type of dishes, you would find this in their menu.. Oh, and also in every food court you would definitely find this in one of the stalls. The popiah itself was quite big in portion which would have benefited for the price you paid. The skin was not too thick but it was quite hard to bite into which would make the skin break easily and so, the fillings would sometimes come out. So a tip would be, if you can fit it in your mouth in one big bite, then do so and just don't worry about the big cheek munching face you'll have on but try to enjoy it instead. The filling inside consists of bean sprouts, crushed peanuts, fried egg omelette, lettuce, spring onion, stir fried turnip, fried shallots, tofu and sometimes prawns are also included. The healthy part is that it isn't fried when you order this dish so it's kind of similar to like a Lumpia in Indonesia, or a non-fried spring roll really.
'KL Sar Hor Fun' (SGD$5) is a popular hawker style noodle dish however at every state of Malaysia, there are always different versions and adaptations. It consists of thick rice noodle (Hor Fun/Ho Fan), beansprouts, pork, prawns, squid, vegetables, fish fillets, fish cakes, fish balls are some examples and topped with freshly sliced chilli and fried shallots. The soup or sauce you may call it, is somewhat both savoury but has some sweetness in it as well. There are of course dried noodle dishes and also noodle soups, but if you haven't given this a go, then you should.

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