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Blue Basil, Ciputra World Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

January 30, 2016

It's not often you see a Thai restaurant around so when one popped out in Ciputra World Mall, I was interested in trying it. Although the location may not be very eye-catching, being behind the escalator and at a corner, the interior do live up to its name having a blue light ambience and blue motive cushions and so on. It was rather empty when we arrived but a few tables started to fill not long after. It may be hard with contending with the other restaurants around since there are other different choices of cuisines to eat where Indonesians are more aware of and used to.

 'Pad Thai' (IDR45rb - AUD$4.5) is a traditional Thai dish consisting of stir fried thin noodles with prawns, bean sprouts, bean curd, chives and dried shallots. They also served it with a vinaigrette chopped chilli and pickles on the side where I did not try it. On the side of the rectangle plate, they do offer a bit of a slice of lime wedge, chopped nuts, ground chilli pepper, bean sprouts and chives. 
The Pad Thai seemed to be sweeter than usual, hence the reason of having the sides of the lime wedge and so on to allow the taste to be more balanced. When you do mix it all together, it does taste much better than how it was originally. I also thought however it was a tad too oily.

'Tom Yum Kung' (IDR29rb - AUD$2.9) is usually what everyone would order when eating thai, which is an authenic hot and sour prawn soup enriched with thai herbs and lemon grass. There is another option of buying it with milk which I think they meant coconut milk/cream which would make the soup creamier. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of Tom Yum soup as it wouldn't be the first dish in my mind to order but I found this dish to be very sour. The waitress did offer a rice to go along with it, but I always felt and ate the soup as an entree instead of a main. But ye, probably a bowl of rice would have been better but if not, definitely too sour than it should be.
'Keng Keao Wan Kai' aka. Chicken Green Curry (IDR34rb - AUD$3.4) is definitely a dish that you should try when you are here because I felt that this was probably the only dish that I quite liked out of the three. However, do note that the portion is quite small so even sharing it between 2 people may not be enough. Even for one person, you might still get a bit hungry, of course not if you eat it with a bowl of rice. The curry is made from a green curry paste cooked in coconut milk, fragrant basil and eggplants. The meat is your choice which varies how much the dish would be in where we chose Chicken as the meat. The eggplants was only a few plus there were a few chicken pieces along with some greens such as green beans inside. A little splatter of cream/coconut cream is on top where you are able to mix the curry with it to give it a creamier taste.
It would have been nice if the curry portion would be a bit more but the combination of the chicken and eggplant was done well, a bit spicy but the spices and herb was enough to get that distinct flavour of the green curry which was nice.

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