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Mie Keriting P. Siantar, Pluit, Jakarta

December 28, 2015

The word Mie Keriting simply means Curly Noodles when literally translated into English. Here at Mie Keriting P. Siantar, a classic and old noodle shop offersa humble menu of various dishes with its main being their Classic Curly Noodles. Although it is quite far from the CBD, I would recommend it to anyone who would like to try an old classic Chinese Indonesian dish. I should say that the recipe has been brought down from generations as it has been opened since 1954.

Try and get in quite early as it may be rather full and have a queue outside waiting for tables. As you can see, the interior is quite old style but yet a casual feeling and homey too. When the dish is being served, it is done outside whilst the kitchen to wash dishes and so on are at the back. By grabbing a handful of noodles, it is then placed into the steaming water and when it is fully cooked, it is then dried and placed onto an empty bowl where the toppings will then be placed on top.
On every table, it is common to see a bottle of Chilli sauce and also chopped chillies in vinegar or water. Some would also place Soy Sauce and Ground chilli too. Toothpicks and serviettes are also served on the table which saves you time having to get the waiter's attention and keep asking them for it.
Every order gets a Wonton Soup with or without the actual boiled Wontons. A bit of chives to add a bit of a touch but overall, the wonton soup was light and the salt was just right. As for the boiled wontons, you get about 2 of them in every bowl and the filling of the combination of pork and shrimp was juicy but not too heavy.
'Mie Keriting Siantar' (IDR27rb - AUD$2.7) in which you can order a full or half portion in which we all ordered their half portion as I think that is actually quite enough and filling too. The full portion just gives a lot more noodles and a bit more meat on top. The topping of the curly noodles consists of char siu pork slices, soy sauce pork along with mushrooms and chinese cabbage topped again with spring onions and fried onions. A complete meal full of flavour, texture and by having that pork broth and oil infused into it by the different pork toppings allows the simple curly noodles to have such a tasty seasoning and marination as you stir and mix it all around..

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