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PappaRich, Wintergarden, Brisbane CBD

December 05, 2015

Papparich has finally stepped into Brisbane and finally we'll get a taste of Malaysian cuisine in our own Wintergarden Shopping Centre, CBD. Established in 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ten years ahead from when they started, they have established a total of 70 outlets worldwide and still growing. Having an open concept, you are able to see their Pappa White Coffee or Roti Canai being prepared on the spot, its interior design are also to give a warm earthy colours giving diners a cosy and clean ambience to enjoy either with family or friends.

The way you order is to write the Menu item no. and the quantity you would like for each dish. After you have written what you would like, simply press the button on the table and let the staff know your order is ready.
'Sambal Anchovies' consists of their anchovies marinated in their Sambal (Chilli). Being not a chilli fan, I found that the Sambal overpowered the anchovies alot also it didn't seem that there were much anchovies to start with so by eating it bit by bit, it just seemed you're eating fishy sambal.
'Pappa Special Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken and Sambal Prawn' ($16.5) is coconut milk infused in steamed rice served with curry chicken, sambal prawns, hard boiled egg, fried anchovies, fried peanuts and daily made sambal with cucumber slices.
Sambal Prawns, anchovies and fried peanuts adds to the dish enjoyment of being able to try different elements of the cuisine. Each of the different elements has its own flavour and taste, of course when you are eating the dish you don't neccessarily have to eat each of them seperately with the rice but try and combine a few together and it might just blow your tastebuds away. It's interesting how they all can somehow compliment one another. The curry chicken was tender but it also seemed very oily, also the Sambal Prawns too felt very oily.
'Tropical Lime' ($7.5) is an Ice Blended Lychee and Lime drink served with Vanilla Ice cream on top. A nice refreshing dish on a hot day and by having the Vanilla Ice Cream just makes it even better. 'Teh Tarik + Jelly' ($4.9) is just your old school Pulled Tea served with jelly. It can get a abit sweet for some which it did for me after I got through half of the drink.
'Roti Telur Bawang with Beef Rendang' ($14.9) is similar to your Roti Canai dishes but the only difference is that you can choose between the traditional Roti Canai or Roti Telur (Eggy Roti) or Roti Telur Bawang (Egg & Onion Roti). Literally, Roti means bread. Although it can be eaten by itself, but by having curry sauce just makes it even better.
The Beef Rendang was tender but some areas weren't as tender. The sauce was quite light and not as strong as I thought it would be. The meat however was quite dry too. The Dhal was okay but I'm not a big fan of Dhal and I found that the curry sauce or the rendang sauce complemented the Roti better.
Papparich's roti has its own sweetness, flakiness and doughness as well. Although some may prefer it without the onion, some would just stick to the traditional Roti Canai. Of course, they are all equally delicious if I may say. What I liked about the roti was that it wasn't oily when you picking it up and taking a bite out of it. No drooling nor dripping oil.
'Pappa Char Kwae Teow' ($13.9), wok fried flat noodles with prawns, egg, fish prawns, bean sprouts and chives. Another classic dish in which I thought we had to order to really taste the goodness of Papparich.
A downside of this dish I would have to say that they did not use flatter, thicker rice noodles as they used a thinner version. Also, there didn't seem to have a burnt flavour as what the usual Kway Teow would being stir fried in such a way where you could see bits of burntness in the noodles, giving it the smoky flavour.
'Ribena Melon' ($7.9), an Ice Blended Ribena and Watermelon drink served with lychee cubes and watermelon balls. Another refreshing dish however with a punch of flavour. 'Lychee Soda' ($7.9) was a more subtle drink with soda water and lychee syrup served with fresh lychee on top.
Would I come back here again? Yes, I would.. I would try the other dishes they have on offer as they have quite an extensive range of dishes on their menu. Just try and remember that their portion is quite big so sharing is the key I would have to say when coming here. Try abit of this and that and enjoy it with each other.

*mynameisFood. dined as a guest of Papparich and as always, opinions expressed are my own.

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