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Madam Paf, Tunjunga Plaza Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

December 23, 2015

Madam Paf is located at Tunjungan Plaza 1 near the cinemas area and as I walked past it, it made me realise that I haven't had cream puffs for a while now. So, I decided to have a go at these.. It was rather quite empty but when we were looking at the different puffs on offer, some people started coming in and buying either one or two and even a box full.

Buying each of everything, there isn't a price for a box of 6 or so, so you would just pay IDR10rb each. We bought 5 of them in where we bought each flavour except for Chocolate. A box filled of 5 were (IDR50rb - AUD$5) in total. The puff pastry were made well however since it wasn't as fresh when we bought it, as it would have just been stored in a cooled glass display, it did not have that crunchy or puffy texture when you bite into it.
Out of all of the flavours, my favourite would be their Green Tea, Taro and Vanilla. I didn't feel that the Rum or the Cappucinno had a distinct flavour as it just tasted quite bland. However, even if they probably had just used artificial flavour or colouring, but you could taste the Green Tea and Taro flavour although it may not be as strong.
Although there are no seats available, get a box full of these, bring it home and share it around. Or maybe even sneak it into the cinemas while you're watching a movie and share it with your mates.

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