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Chester Street Bakery & Bar, Newstead, Brisbane

June 20, 2016

When you feel like a sweet treat, when you need to buy a cake that will definitely brighten up someone's day or someone's special day, when you need to catch up with friends and looking for a place where you can have not only coffee or mikshakes but also some beer or mixes as well as having a nibble of this and that, then you've ought to come here. No need to ask why here? But if you haven't, then you're missing out on quite alot.. Where the cakes reminds you of the cakes on instagrams, where the atmosphere isn't too classy nor too casual, where you can feel like you're back in chocolate land and there's no problem in being a kid again or just simply eating your favourite rainbow cake or extra super duper chocolate cake.. *Please note that this is a delayed post so menu or the cakes may have changed. Apologies for any inconveniences.. I hope you will still be able to enjoy this review.

I know, you're probably wondering where's the food? how was the dining experience? Well, just be patient.. from here, you can see all the different cakes and varieties that they do have in store, sometimes they do change some bits and pieces as well as replace some cakes or slices, but the rest usually stays as is. Bear in mind however that the ones you do see on this review may have changed since then. Just keep scrolling down and you will finally be able to read on what I had on the day and what I drank as well as what I thought about it. But before that, here you go.. Indulge on mouthwatering desserts and don't drool too much!
Now begins the review of what we had..
'Flat White' was done well and the 'Chocolate Milkshake' ($7.5) however was kind of a meltdown for me as it felt as if I had flavoured milk, there just wasn't enough chocolate kick in it.
'Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel Slice' was a delight having a chocolate brownie as a base and peanut butter on top of it topped it all with chocolate covered pretzels. The chocolate covered pretzel created a nice touch as well as allowed the slice to not be overly too sweet. The combination of the chocolate brownie and the peanut butter is always a great combination.
The peanut butter however was sweeter than I thought it would be making us actually think that ordering 2 peanut butter cakes/slices may not have been a good idea. But hey, they both looked delicious and yummy as well as they weren't quite the same, one being a slice and another a cheesecake. So hopefully, both wouldn't be too overly sweet until it actually hurts our teeth..
'Peanut Butter Cheesecake' ($9) had a big punch of peanut butter which we loved since they didn't cut back on the peanut butter however, again, it was quite sweet. Having the chocolate glaze on top as well as a piece of peanut brittle created an elegance as well as simplicity in the dish. As you can see, you can see peanut butter swirls within the cheesecake which is nice to see when eating a flavoured cheesecake and not just a smooth main.
Not too sure though what happened when it was sliced from the full size cake as there was quite a big missing part on the edge which was in a weird shape or rather. The cake overall was very rich, sweet and full of peanut butter punch. It was quite hard trying to finish both sweet peanut butter dessert but I have to say that the peanut butter cheesecake was much sweeter than the slice if compared.
After this visit, I have visited Chester St Bakery and Bar to order their full size cakes as well as takeaway. So far, their customer service is nice and friendly however when it comes to table service, it can sometimes be a bit slow. Other than that, remember to try as much cakes or slices as you can but then, their portion are quite large compared to other places so bear in mind when you do order and decide to share. It is always great to share as you are able to taste all the various cakes and slices with one another and also it allows your tastebuds not to only be stuck on one chocolate cake let's say but can also be able to taste the peanut butter or the sponge cake or even the meringue from a pavlova.

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