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Nana & Da's, Kedron, Brisbane

June 15, 2016

An old fashioned cottage with a homely setting lies on Homebush Road with its own long history going back to the 1930s. When it opened, it sure did bring many smiles on the Northside locals as there seem to be a lack of breakfast places and even brunch that was located at the Northside as most of it were around the CBD precinct or around West End, Kangaroo Point and many more. Maybe, you could even count by your fingers with how many brekky/brunch places there are in Northside. Having an all day breakfast and lunch dishes prepared on premises allows the locals to enjoy classic and modern breakfast as well as indulging on sweet treats.

Salt n Pepper shakers.
'Fresh Surprise Juices' ($7) varies daily
'Chocolate Milkshake' ($5) was served in a glass and as for taste, it was okay, it wasn't bad and it was nice to know that their syrup is made in-house but I've had better elsewhere meaning that you would be able to taste a stronger chocolate flavour.
'Cold Smoked Salmon Bruschetta' ($18.5) with goats curd, crispy capers, lemon, tomato herbed salsa and lemon oil. It was a pretty dish served on a round white plate and seeing that the amount of Smoked Salmon was generous is always great to see. I have had cream cheese or cottage cheese or just simply avo with salmon or bruschetta but haviing goats curd made it more unique as well as having the baby herbs which gives it the extra touch of greens and pop in colour contrasting well with the bright red bruschetta and the smoked salmon.
The tomato herbed salsa was fresh and had alot of punch in it although not overpowering the rest of the elements. By squeezing abit of lemon all around the dish gives it that extra hint of zest. The cold smoked salmon seemed fresh but not sure if it was pre-packaged or so but it was quite thick as well as had the nice pink colour. The crispy capers allowed the dish to have that subtle surprise everytime you would take a bite.
'Hot Smoked Salmon' ($18.5) with asian greens, poached eggs on roasted potatoes with nam jim dressing. This would not be my typical pick of the bunch during breakfast but somehow the hot smoked salmon and poached eggs got to me. Having roasted potatoes as well as nam jim dressing however is not my typical breakfast and wasn't too sure of how it would turn out.
As it arrived on the table, the plate somehow ruined it for me to be honest and I'm not sure why, maybe because it had pink and purple roses on it, not that I have anything against it or something. Other than that, the portion was definitely enough for one and again, the baby herbs just made everything so pretty and loving it seems.. I wasn't too sure what the asian greens was going to be and it turned out to be bok choy. This has let me think that instead of me having breakfast, it kind of turned out to be brunch or even lunch as the dish suited more along that side as it did have roast potatoes, bok choy and also bean sprouts.
The smoked salmon was done well however the nam jim dressing did overpower the taste of the salmon. The bok choy and the bean sprouts was just the asian fusion within the dish however I thought that there would be more asian greens in the dish as it was one of the core elements. The poached eggs balanced the dressing and the overall taste of the dish however, although I am a saucy person but I did find that the dressing was abit too much and made both the salmon and roast potatoes drenched in it.
So many sweet treats displayed on the glass display in front of the counter, if we were still hungry, would definitely have grabbed that Earl Grey brownies..

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