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Sunny Seoul BBQ, Sunnybank, Brisbane

June 11, 2016

Sunny Seoul is always a great place to go for Korean BBQ, though they seem to be in a more humble and casual setting, don't underestimate their quality as well as portion of food. With more Korean restaurants around, it can be said that the newer restaurants are getting more crowded than the older ones. Nearest to Sunny Seoul, there are about 3 to 4 other restaurants nearby which makes it abit of a challenge when wanting to go for BBQ and deciding where to go. With Sunny Seoul, the best part about it would be the friendly customer service as well as their variety of side dishes..
One of the best places to get KBBQ along with 6 different variety of side dishes that are both delicious and refillable. Ranging from kimchi, marinated cucumber and sesame seed, mash sweet potato, cold creamy glass noodles and so on.. It seems that other Korean restaurants don't seem to be giving their diners this much side dishes, well, don't compare it to buffets of course but instead your usual KBBQ restaurant.
'Pork Belly' ($18) is definitely one of the most popular meats in BBQ as well as I do feel that it is one of the best or even the best. Although some of the restaurants do offer 2 different types of cutting whether it may be thick sliced or thin slices.
'Marinated Beef' ($18) is simple but delicious though it did seem like they just chucked a whole big spoonful of it on a plate and placed a few veges on the side. It is more of a minced beef marinated in bulgogi sauce which is one of their beef dishes usually served with warm rice on the side. Also, on the menu it does say the meats are served with assorted vegetables which people may find it abit err in a way where it could've been presented in a way that actually mean what it says. Instead, it always only consist of a mushroom sliced in half and a slice of pumpkin. Pretty sure they could've given abit more than that..
'Kimchi Pancake' is great when sharing and also wanting something on the side instead of soup or dumplings. I would recommend pancakes more than dumplings to share. Also, a nice tip of what I like to do is by placing a slice of the pancake onto the grill to make that smoky flavour and also heating it up at the same time. The kimchi taste was there but I'm unsure if they do use just powder or real kimchi in it.

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