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Betty's Burgers & Concrete Co, Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, Surfers Paradise

February 16, 2017

You'll have heard about Betty's being similar to Shake Shack in the US, however we thought we'd give it a go ourselves without going into conclusions. The original Betty's Burgers in Noosa has been on everyone's list when it came to burger-madness and when they decided to open up another in Surfers, we knew we definitely had to go.

As soon as we arrived, we could see that it was getting quite packed and as we had a look through the menu, we were told to sit at a table and ordering would be at the counter. After ordering, you're given one of those vibrating buzzers until it vibrates to let you know that your meal is ready to be picked up from the 'Pick Up counter'. This non-table-service reminds me of a food court in a way just in a nicer and secluded environment with a beach feel. As you can see, basket of plants with garland lights hanging from the ceiling contrasted nicely with the orange and white metal chairs with turquoise cushions.

Having quite a straightforward menu with only seven burgers options, it allows you to try more and have a bit of sides and dessert here and there.

'Crispy Chicken Burger' (AUD$10) tried to resemble KFC but sadly it failed as I did feel that the crunchy batter wasn't crunchy and the size of the chicken did not fully fill the burger bun. Though it wasn't as salty or oily as KFC, it blended in well with the rest of the elements, cheese, lettuce, tomato and Betty's special sauce. Overall, it was just another fried chicken burger that could have been better if the bottom bun wasn't soggy-ing up half way and that the top bun wouldn't be smaller than your big one piece lettuce.

'Betty's Classic' (AUD$10) was what I would call a cheeseburger. Angus beef, tomato, onion, lettuce, cheese and Betty's special sauce. It did pack that fresh contrasting colours however with the price tag, the Mr did think it could have been bigger in portion as well as being more delicious than what it was. Although, yes the bun was a soft buttery bun which was great, however, that was one of the main causes of why we both did not really enjoy it as much. The bottom bun was soggy and the sauce was dripping over the paper wrap and basically, the bottom bun was too thin to be able to absorb that sauce and juices from the rest of the ingredients. It was just basically nothing special, just another cheeseburger.. Unfortunately, it didn't hit near anywhere the Mr's top burger list..

It was somewhat par of Ben's Burgers, another that we both felt it wasn't as great as what others have said about it. Ben's was dry, and we did have the same problem here as the meat patty was a bit dry and tasted quite salty with the sauce just overpowering everything else. Sadly, this wasn't a burger we would like to order again or eat more of as we did feel that in a few man bites, it would have just disappeared out of your sight. As you can see from the image above, the dry beef patty, the thin bottom bun, the one piece lettuce folded in half, the one slice tomato, it just wasn't great overall..

Milkshakes, whenever they're on the menu, I always seem to get them... though when I really don't feel like drinking and eating both sweet things at the same times, then I usually don't. However, I thought I might as well give it a try and sadly, another disssapointment. 'Chocolate Peanut Butter' (AUD$8) For the price tag, it was quite small in size as well as it was so thick than the usual thickshake. Taking a long time for it to cool down before you could start sipping it, you would think it would've just been a better option taking the top off and getting a spoon to scoop the shake out of the cup. It was also very sweet and yes, chocolate and peanut butter is sweet but it could have been more balanced in terms of flavour.

'Onion Rings' (AUD$6) were hand crumbed and we did pick this as we thought that the fries looked quite bland when everyone else in the restaurant was ordering them. It was served in a soft serve cup but there is just so much you could fill so again, I don't think the price really matches its quality and portion. It was just okay overall and I would still pick this again over the fries.

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