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Charcoal BBQ House, Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane

February 08, 2017

Although a few years ago I have been here for their Korean BBQ, I have never been back since it never came across in my mind to be first on my list of KBBQ places to go. So when the time came to catch up with a few friends, we decided that it would be nice to dine here again especially after the refurbishments and renovations and all. It is smaller than how it used to be with now their previous venue has been replaced with other restaurants.

Not long after you have been seated at your table, side dishes are brought out to start off your meal while waiting for your meals which allows you to fill your grumbling tummy that teeny bit more also accompanying your chats with friends or family or your date. 3 various side dishes including pickled onions, cold pasta salad and kimchi.

When you order a BBQ set, which we did, you are given Steamed egg in a hot stone bowl. This is a very popular dish to share when eating though it is something I rarely order to be honest. The flavour was very subtle and could have been seasoned slightly better. The portion was enough to share definitely for 2 or even 5 people around the table. The inside was fluffy and moist, mix it along with your BBQ meat with a bit of warm rice and you got yourself a nice bite.

'BBQ Mixed Set' (AUD$85) consisted of both pork and beef in one set served with a plate of green leaves which would be great if a top up was available as it wasn't enough for the whole meal. A weird way to give vegetables as a part of a set when it only comes with 2 thin slices of mushrooms and 2 slices of raw onion. No greens, nothing. The mixed set had more pork than beef which was quite upsetting as when you buy a mixed set, you do expect a very big portion of meat but sadly, this was not up to the standard of other Korean BBQ places where you would be ordering at a similar price but receiving more meat.

'Ox tongue' (AUD$18) was an add-on that we ordered which seemed to have quite a big portion, maybe even bigger than the BBQ set when compared to the pork belly itself or the beef itself. The ox tongue didn't seem fresh and looked frozen. Ox tongue is always great when grilled in charcoal as it grills very quick and has that smooth texture and can melt in your mouth when grilled right.

Oh, and I nearly forgot. You also do get Fermented Soybean paste stew, a soup that is great for winter season or chilly weather that can warm you up inside. Definitely great when eaten with warm rice.

The only thing that did annoy me was customer service as we were seated at the back corner, it was very hard to call or get the waiter's attention. Either for filling up your water or topping up your side dishes or whatever it may be, they should be more attentive to diners.

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