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Ninety-Nine, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

April 21, 2017

Always busy during lunch times as well as dinner, with its various menu options ranging from Steak to Western, from traditional Indonesian to snacks. A popular place for people to meet up with family and/or friends either for a date, catch up or even for coffee and cake.

'Shoestring Truffle Fries' (IDR59k ~=AUD$5.9) with parmesan on top and truffle mayonnaise.

'Crispy Calamari' (IDR85k ~=AUD$8.5) served with hichimi and wasabi remoulade.

'Bak Kut Teh' (IDR119k ~=AUD$11.9) is a classic dish from Singapore where it's always great to have during winter or chilly days. Braised pork ribs, garlic in a herbal soy broth and steamed rice. Using a simple ceramic pot, the herbal soy broth did not fill the pot and only filled halfway which usually in this type of dish, the main part of the dish should be the broth. The braised pork ribs were done quite well but I did feel that there wasn't enough garlic to enhance the dish.

'Perigourdine' (IDR109k ~=AUD$10.9) is one of their signature crispy thin pizza offering a few various options on top of their usual pizza options. With truffle, mushrooms, mozarella and cheese sauce, no wonder why I could not just walk away without ordering it. What's more unique was that they use two different types of mushrooms instead of one, by using both enoki mushroom and white button mushroom allows the pizza to have a different texture when taking a bite. There is also a soft cooked egg cracked in the middle which can be used as a dipping sauce at the end of your slice however, another idea is to try and smear it all around the pizza so that each slice will be able to get a piece of the cracked egg as a topping.

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