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Pho' Hoa, World Trade Centre, Jakarta, Indonesia

April 28, 2017

A Vietnamese restaurant at the World Trade Centre in Jakarta isn't something you would think of at the first instance. When it was raining heavily, we couldn't yet go home, or maybe we just wanted to stay out and eat. Thinking that having a big bowl of noodle soup would get us through this rainy weather quickly, we decided to try it here as it did look quite cozy but was very quiet. Note that this is a delayed post, so there may be menu or venue changes since then.

'Vietnamese Drip Coffee' (IDR25k ~=AUD$2.5) with milk and ice. 

One of the most popular and traditional, as well as classic Vietnamese dish is called 'Pho' (IDR52k ~=AUD$5.2). Up size it for an extra IDR7k ~=AUD$0.7. A broth full of beef goodness topped with flat rice noodles, bean sprouts, onion and your choice of meat. A very simple noodle soup dish I must say, but if you want a healthy but soothing dish, this would be one. Bean sprouts, mint and a slice of lime wedge is served on a side plate for those who would like to or wouldn't like to add it in. I usually do as I feel that it adds the extra crunch as well as the mint aroma combines well with the rest of the ingredients. The lime helps balance the taste which usually is served with lemon and not lime.

You do have an option of the meat toppings such as Steak, Brisket, Steak and Brisket, Steak and Meatballs, Brisket and Meatballs. And for those who likes it with flank, which is a thin layer of fat to make the dish that extra scrumptious, you can get it with Steak and Flank, Brisket and Flank and Steak, Brisket and Flank. Since flank can be a bit more expensive , the regular size do increase in price (IDR56.6k ~=AUD$5.6).

Tender, lean cut beef is served and placed on top. You are able to see the slight redness that the sliced beef still has but as you mix it through the soup, it will slowly cook by itself. The beef is quite different compared to the one in Brissie, as the beef is much more wrinkled and thinner here and not as much given. The broth however was quite good I have to say, the amount of rice noodles and onion were also sufficient.

'Vermicelli Bowls' (IDR51k ~=AUD$5.1), another favourite of ours to have in Brissie. Since I haven't had it for awhile during my time here in Jakarta, I thought I might just give it a go, I may never know that it may be as good.. or not?

Filled with vermicelli noodles topped with various vegetables, grilled chicken and spring roll. Since many restaurants here don't sell pork due to religion, the grilled chicken had quite the flavour with the charring and all. The spring roll was not bad but felt as if another would be nicer as there was only one spring roll given cut in half, placed in the middle. The various vegetables were thinly shredded cucumber, bean sprouts, carrots, crushed peanuts and lettuce. It does look very pretty when it first came out served on our table, do pour the fish sour sauce all over before you mix through it all. When you combine and mix through everything, all the combination of flavours do blend in well.

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