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Publik Markette, Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia

April 18, 2017

Note that this is a delayed post so menu options may have changed since then. The interior reminds me of somewhat similar to Kitchenette however with much more rustic and bistro look with hanging cabinets. Being another work of Ismaya group, you know that they will have a new concept and each place has its own characteristic.

As you enter you will be able to queue for your order but bear in mind that the queue may go through quite quickly so make sure you know what you would like beforehand. Have a seat and look through the menu, have a peek at the already made dishes on the glass display and the fresh juices near the counter as the below image.

Having a canteen concept within the restaurant, just take your table number and make your way and queue or start from the left towards the counter. You have to pay at the counter and they will bring your order to your table when it's ready. Most of the food options is Western Cuisine and they do change their menu from time to time but you will find your daily needs such as chicken, fish or beef.

'Tropical Sunrise' (IDR38k ~= AUD$3.8) was a cute little bottle filled with greens and pineapple. A refreshing juice and healthy too. However, for the size, I would have preferred if it was a big bigger as while you're eating and drinking, the next thing you know is that your drink finished quite quick. 'Coconut Water' (IDR38k ~= AUD$3.8) in a bottle with jelly. It wasn't too bad but not a fav of mine.

'Ratatouille Quiche w Fried Egg' (IDR55k ~=AUD$5.5) is a simple dish with the classic french dish ratatouille inside a quiche, crunchy on the outside and soggy on the inside. Served with fried quail egg with cherry tomato and lightly shredded cheese on top makes the dish a pretty one. It wasn't too bad but I did feel that the quiche pastry was quite dry.

'Roast' was what I could only remember from this dish, with the not so great grilled steak and the dehydrated roasted baby carrots and tasteless gravy, it wasn't a great combination or quite a pleasant meal to have.

The baby carrots was cooked until dry and wilted in a way that all the juices has been sucked out leaving it with just the rest of what goodness a carrot has. Sprinkled with herbs on top did not make it any saltier or better than it could've been.

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