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Bibigo - Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia

May 09, 2017

Korean restaurants seems to be here and there due to the Korean expats and the citizens' exposure to the Korean market, korean trend, tv, celebrities and so on. Bibigo is one of the many restaurants in PP and although it wasn't that busy as soon as we entered the restaurant, it filled quite quickly right after we sat down.

Their extensive menu offered both traditional and somewhat modernised dishes.

A fresh drink to start of dinner was their Kiwi Mojito, a rather interesting combination but it worked. The slight sweetness and sourness with the touch of mint made it refreshing but also somewhat, it tasted healthy.

Korean Chopped Salad was a mixture of various freshly chopped salad into one served with a creamy sesame sauce. It doesn't seem like you are in a Korean restaurant but this salad is a good side to share or eat on its own but if eaten alone and since there's no meat in this dish, you may want to just order a side of meat maybe.

What seemed to be similar to San Choy Bow was their pork belly served with go-chu-jang sauce on top on individual lettuce cups. It was a quick pop in the mouth while trying to chew it all at once. The crunchyness of the lettuce and the soft pork belly topped with the slight spicy and salty red sauce on top worked well.

Bulgogi Japchae served on a black plate, there's two available choice of either regular or large. Pan fried starch noodles with bell pepper, shitake mushrooms, onion and char-grilled bulgogi beef. This was not too bad but I did feel that it was abit too oily and just sweet. Wouldn't be something I would order again probably even if the portion was quite rather generous.

Although this was rather small, it was quite a cute appetizer to have which for some could easily be a one-mouthful kind of dish. Red Chicken, they called it, was their deep fried chicken glazed with sweet and spicy kohot sauce served on a lettuce cup.

Having at least one fried or crispy dish is always great especially when sharing. The Pajeon Seafood Pancake was served on a hot plate consisting of leeks, squid and shrimp served with a citrus soy sauce pickle on the side. The amount of shrimp and squid wasn't too bad as well as the leeks. Was quite surprised they used leeks instead of let's say spring onions or shallots.

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