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Kue Ijo by Fin's Recipe - Jakarta, Indonesia

May 28, 2017

For those who constantly follow the hype of traditional Indonesian desserts either online or in stores, many of you may have heard of Fin's Recipe. Their Kue Ijo simply means Green cake. However, traditionally it's actually known as Kue Lumpang.

Traditional steamed soft green cake with a springy but not wobbly texture served with freshly grated coconut. It's a light dessert or snack to have and it's healthy too. They're known to have no artificial flavour, coloring or preservatives.

Also, there's no coconut milk used.

Fresh pandan and suji leaves were used to get the flavour and colour without using artificial colours or preservatives.

As you can see that we've actually eaten a few before taking a photo of it but in one pack, you do get 10x of them shaped into little cups and is the size of somewhat a mini donut. Although the middle seems to have a slight hole, it's actually not a full hole.

On one side of the box, there's a section for the shredded coconut which at first tasted a bit salty however when dipping the kue ijo in the coconut, it's not overpowered due to the soft texture and pandan flavour of the kue.

I actually don't mind eating the kue just on its own without the coconut but it feels that it is rather tastier and flavoursome when you dip your kue into the coconut. Maybe even dipping it in after every bite. Yes, maybe don't double dip when sharing with a group of people but when there's only the two of us, then hey, why not.

Even snacking on the coconut is delicious.

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