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Black Star Pastry, The Galeries, Sydney CBD

May 22, 2017

Setting up a shop in Kinokuniya allows people to be able to have easy access and it will be the group's third outlet. For some, the place can be a bit tight in terms of space as you aren't able to fit too many diners able to eat comfortably to have a coffee and cake without feeling too squashed or as if you just had to drink and eat quickly as there are others queueing. But for others, no one would care because all they could think about was the popular cake that made everyone all woo with the freshness of their watermelon and strawberry combination...

I do appreciate when you order tea and they serve it in a pot, not needing to continuously ask for a hot water top up or even a refill every gulp you do make. Very generous yes, chai tea was smooth and had that hint of cinnamon and spice that wasn't too powerful that creates the tea aroma to just nothing. Ordered a 'Flat White' and 'Chai Tea' seemed like the way to go for an afternoon tea.

Wanting to try this when I was down in Sydney for the weekend, having a slice would cut it for me as I was flying back to Brissie not long after, so as my final meal or should I say, dessert or maybe snack, I decided to get a slice of this insta-worthy famous cake that everyone has raved about.

'Strawberry Watermelon Cake' (AUD$7.5) may just be one of the most popular and most instagram worthy cakes. For those in Sydney, it's easy for you to step out of your door and buy a slice or even a whole cake for events such as birthdays or gatherings as it is quite well-articulated and very detailed. Yes, and pretty. Consisting of two layers of almond dacquoise, rose-scented cream, watermelon, strawberries garnished with pistachios and dried rose petals, what more could you want? Could it get any fresher and pretty than this?

The almond dacquoise reminded me of a grainy whole meal sponge base however after having a taste, the texture would remind you a nutty aftertaste. The rose-scented cream wasn't too powerful and had that hint of sweet floral fragrance which was enough to make you even ponder upon and combined with the slices of watermelon in the middle gave the whole slice a very refreshing and that punch of colour. The watermelon was not dry nor too soggy but was just right, still plumped and juicy. The strawberry layer on top along with the dried rose petals and sliced pistachios added that extra contrast and pop of colour as well as the light crunch. So, with that all being said, is it true that everyone may need to have a slice of this at least once? I may say so myself.. Though it won't be something I would enjoy eating every single day, but it is something that you should probably try.

'Hot Cross Buns' weren't as great as I thought it would be and since we were quite full, we decided to take these home instead. As for me, I took them back on the plane to Brissie and heated it up at home before eating it. A generous amount of sultanas/dates in it but nothing special or different than the usual hot cross buns.

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