Island Marine Centre | Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia - my name is Food.

Island Marine Centre | Cockatoo Island, Sydney, Australia

July 23, 2017

Before going to the exhibition, we thought we'd enjoy the nice weather and grab a bite to eat under the sun. It was rather a bustling time with lots of diners, sitting or buying takeaway. It was actually rather hard for us to find a seat, so we opted for the grass instead (here's hoping that none of us will get bitten by an ant)...

The Island Marine Centre is the only cafe and bar on Cockatoo Island and their menu ranges from sandwiches, wraps, small bites, ice creams to dumplings, salads and muffins. Oh, and they also stock alcohol.

Deep Fried Squid and Fries, both were okay but felt that the portion was a bit on the smaller side for the price. There was about 7 small pieces of squid and the fries itself weren't as crispy but not soggy either, thank God

I guess if you don't have time to eat elsewhere or before you come to Cockatoo Island, then it's not too bad as their menu is quite extensive but I think I would've preferred to eat first before riding the ferry to come here. But again, the squid and the fries wasn't the worst. Just wasn't the best either.

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