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4Fingers Crispy Chicken - Albert St, Brisbane CBD

July 27, 2017

4Fingers Crispy Chicken, a Singaporean chain of fast casual restaurant specialising in crispy Asian style fried chicken. Founded in 2009, they have opened stores in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. It was noted that the founder was inspired by the Korean style fried chicken in NYC's Koreatown. Since then, he has brought it back to his hometown in Singapore and expanded.

This month was 4Fingers first store in Brisbane, located along Albert Street.

Interior of the restaurant felt industrial-inspired as well as a resistance environment with posters along its walls and ceilings. Ordering is usually done at the counter as you choose amongst their menu from fried chicken to burgers, from salads to rice boxes.

While it was waiting at the counter, I managed to take a quick snap of their signature 'B.F.F' and 'Black Burger' which was halved for convenience for those who would like to try them both or to share. Both of which had crispy chicken, lettuce, mushrooms and tomatoes with the Black burger having the addition of the kimchi colesslaw.

'Tofu and Mushroom Salad' was a decent portion however, I did feel that the tofu was slightly on the dry side and that most of the dressing did go onto the cos lettuce and the mushrooms. The dressing isn't as strong as I thought it would be but I guess, it would be a good side salad to have along with the other dishes.

'B.F.F' was their best selling chicken burger with a crispy chicken chop topped w house garlic sauce on a bed of mushrooms, tomato and lettuce. The chicken chop came with two kind of flavours, soy garlic or hot and spicy. This was a very decent sized burger however, the garlic sauce did make the chicken chop's skin quite soggy and the sauce was only on top so the rest of the elements was just as is.

'Kimchi Coleslaw' is definitely an interesting combination but it works. Not too sure how much portion you would get if you got it as a side but bear in mind that their Black burger and Katsu sandwich do already have them in it so ordering this is a side will not be needed.

Chicken drumsticks and wings were served in metal baskets as they were brought around to everyone who attended to take. The two flavours that were used as a base was the soy garlic and hot and spicy. Although I wasn't a big fan on the hot and spicy, it did not seem that hot at all. I did prefer the soy garlic out of the two as it had a soy sauce based however you could taste somewhat a honey sweetness too. The chickens were hand basted as the image above of which there were a few chefs or the staff basting each of them before it was placed in the basket.

The chicken was tender on the inside with a crispy skin outer layer, however, due to it going around and taking a while, some of the skin was not as crispy as the others.

'Katsu Sandwich', a piece of their signature chicken and kimchi coleslaw served in a crispy style bun. The bun reminded me of the bao. It had a slight charring which complimented the rest of the element but it was a bit hard trying to hold it and getting a good grip whilst taking a bite without being messy or the coleslaw falling out.

'The Black Burger' which contained a piece of chicken, lettuce, mushroom, kimchi coleslaw in an asian charcoal bun. The charcoal bun did not have a slight sweetness to it, so it was just similar to the normal white bun but in a charcoal colour. The burgers seem to be quite big in size for its price but again, quite a hard burger to eat without the juices or coleslaw or other elements not falling out. Not too sure whether they will be sering is on metal baskets like the below however, trying to take it out of it was already quite a bit of a hassle.

The kimchi coleslaw was a good addition to the burgers as it adds that slight tangyness and freshness against the hot chicken and fresh lettuce.

*mynameisFood. was invited as a guest to attend 4Fingers Crispy Chicken's launch party, however as always, all opinions are of our own.

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