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Summit Restaurant & Bar, Mt Cootha, Brisbane

July 13, 2017

A very delayed post since I had lost these images, but here is a review of the Light Lunch menu from Summit Restaurant at Mt Cootha. Some may feel that it may be overly too expensive or overpriced or let's say the food may not be as good, but I do feel even going for coffee or nibbles or even lunch and even date night, this place still does some good food and of course, you can't buy the view and its location. So please note that the menu may have changed and the following food options may not be available anymore nore.

Light lunch menu can be chosen as a 1 course (main only, AUD$19.95), 2 course (entree and main or main and dessert, AUD$30.95) or 3 course (entree, main and dessert, AUD$39.95) in which we both chose a 2 course in entree and main.

Starting with a 'Mixed Entree Plate' consisting of warm ciabatta with lightning ridge evoo, demitasse of house soup, spiced pork and glass noodle spring roll and chilli lime syrup, zucchini and sweet corn fritter with cucumber tzatziki. A mouthful isn't it? But being able to have a mixed entree, it allows you to taste the different variety of entree they offer which is great and allows you to also mix your tastebuds with this and that.

Chilli lime syrup, zucchini and sweet corn fritter served on top of a little teaspoon-ful of cucumber tzatziki at the bottom. The fritter was done well and was consistent when compared to the others on the plate. The cucumber tzatziki helped balance the texture and smoothness as well as give it that hint of freshness to the plate.

Demitasse of house soup, although not sure what house soup it was but basically served in a small cup usually used to serve turkish coffee or espresso ranging from 60-90ml. You can scoop it like a soup with a spoon or simply just drink off it. Below is the spiced pork and glass spring roll, a crispy element on the dish, what a great idea? Although am not sure how the pork was spiced but it was a great addition to have.

'Pave of Atlantic Salmon' served with potato and fennel gratin, green pea and leek drizzled with lemon butter sauce. Beautifully presented though some did look a bit messy, the atlantic salmon did not have a crispy skin but placed neatly on top of the gratin. Gratin can be quite delicate to make however, it can also give you a pleasurable aftertaste of eating thinly slices of potatoes rather than having your usual french fries or roasted potatoes.

'Aromatic crab cakes' isn't usually something I would order as I have had a few in various shapes and sizes but since I wasn't too hungry, I thought I'd order this instead of the heavier meal options. Served with a daikon and miso coleslaw and wasabi aioli. The crab cakes as you can see is covered in panko crumb and not bread crumb which gives it that delicacy and exquisite colour and fine grain.

The daikon and miso coleslaw was different with the usual coleslaw we would eat since it had thinly slices of daikon which always gives any dish that refreshing feeling. However, I did not get to taste much of the miso, not sure if it was there or just a slight hint of it maybe. The wasabi aioli was a smart sauce to have as it is light and has that slight tangy and hint of spice in every bite. Chilli powder was also drizzled around the plate for extra spice or just for texture I guess but without it was fine.

The crab cakes was very smooth and fine so you weren't able to see the big chunks of the crab meat however, you are able to taste it amongst the mash potato crumpled within it.

A side of fries is always great especially when having a long table filled with family amongst you. Very generous portion and cooked well too, bonus!

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