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Little Hong Kong - Sunnybank, Brisbane

January 12, 2019

No matter what time it is, any weekday or weekend, if there's a place that sells good BBQ meats that opens till late.. this is the place. Sometimes we do realise however, that the portion may not be as consistent as how it used to be. After thinking of where to go for dinner, we thought that this would be an easy and simple choice. Parking still sucks however here and let's hope that once the renovation is done, no more parking issues.. but pretty sure, being in Sunnybank, there will definitely be parking problems everywhere. Unfortunately.

Century Egg and Pork Congee is one of the congee options that I would pick out of the rest. I haven't tried their seafood congee however as I usually would go for this one. The pork is not very apparent as it has been chopped up however I always wish they would give more century egg.

The wonton crisps and freshly chopped shallots add that extra crunchy texture and as you are able to get your own soy sauce, chilli, ginger and garlic side sauces yourself from the counter, you can eat the congee with that to give it that kick of chilli or just the extra taste. The congee here are always cooked well, never too gluggy or too liquidy until it breaks all the rice.

BBQ 2 Selection of crispy pork belly and BBQ pork served on dry noodles in a soy sauce base sauce with a side of bok choy. This time, we had thin cuts of the crispy pork belly and more thick cuts of the BBQ pork. Seriously just depends on the uncle or auntie chopping them and serving it at the back really.

As usual, the taste is all there and it's delicious when eating it all.

Combination Chow Mein was a disappointment as the amount of crispy noodles was small and the topping of the mix seafood and meat was just a bit all over the place. It definitely only was two and a half servings in a small bowl of which usually you could fit the small bowls about 4x or 5x. Not a good buy this time.

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