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The Journey Korean Restaurant - Charlotte St, Brisbane CBD

January 16, 2019

Although I usually don't venture out around this area when looking for korean food or korean bbq, we thought we'd give it a try. I haven't read much reviews about it anyhow so being out in the city one night, was a good time to come and try it. It wasn't that busy but the waiters seemed to look busy and occupied. Being seated on the sides of the restaurant, it was quite hard trying to get the waiters attention when we wanted a side dish top up or more water.

The salad sides we received each was very.. plain and sad. It probably was useful for about two to three meats if you wrap the salad around it for a big bite.

Also, there is a limit of how many times you are able to ask for the side dishes to be topped up when usually in other restaurants, there's no limit.

Ordering a few meats including ox tounge, pork belly and beef however it was rather disappointing when it all came out as the portions were incredibly tiny for the price we paid. Maybe it's fine if you wanted a snack? or maybe to share between one person or even two people who's not that hungry. But when sharing it with a bunch of guys, it doesn't work.

Not sure if they got the portion control right, but I don't think so. There was probably about three pork belly slices but felt tough and frozen when it first arrived on our table.

The above meat was the biggest portion we had out of the three meats. It was also very wet and did not look fresh.

It's also quite inconvenient and annoying when going to korean bbq but then your meat can't exactly be grilled on the griller directly but instead placed on top of a lining paper. I guess it helps the waiters to not having to change the griller every 15 minutes or so.. but then, our meats just don't get that grill or smokey flavour nor the grilled marks.

Would I come here again?

Probably not.

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