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Parkland Chinese Restaurant - Sunnybank, Brisbane

February 09, 2019

A busy place to be in this chinese restaurant, especially when it's yum cha time. A wide variety of dishes from small to large size as well as a-la-carte menu available should you prefer to have a stir fry or roast meat or veges instead.

Steamed pork and prawn siu mai, is a classic and there's times when I usually never pick this but then there are times when I genuinely miss it. The prawn does slightly overpower the pork meat but that didn't bother me. Dip it in the soy sauce dipping sauce to give that slight saltyness.

Shanghai Pork Dumplings, usually known as Xiao Long Bao, which is famous and delicious. You do have to remember to never poke this with your chopstick but instead, pick it up with a chopstick on the sides and carefully place it on a spoon before eating it as a whole.

Once you break it, the goodness soup will just go everywhere and you won't be able to eat the full dumpling tasting the meat and the soup together which is the best part. The skin is quite thin, so just take your time and be careful to not break it.

Prawn dumplings, a very thick and juicy prawn meat inside these thin clear skin. Usually many would like it with the chilli sauce, but I'd eat it alone as is.

Bean Curd roll with prawn and pork, there is also a chicken version but prawn and pork usually wins over that. The slight roughness of the bean curd is accompanied by a slight sweet sauce base and I'd suggest asking the waiter to cut these in half as it will make it blow out some steam. If not, there has been a few times where we actually burnt our tongues due to the hotness of this after the first bite. Not a good feeling I tell you.

Sticky rice is always a good one to choose from the trolley however it is rather filling so we usually would share this, one between two. It's usually filled with minced, chinese sausage and mushrooms. This wasn't too bad I guess as you actually would get a big chinese sausage slice and quite a bit of minced meat and mushroom. The stickyness of it is what I enjoy.

Not too sure why they call it this but French Style BBQ Pork Buns, is definitely one of a winner everytime I come here. It's quite big, have a somewhat sweet cookie upper exterior and after a bite, you are welcomed with bbq pork goodness inside with a fluffy dough surrounding it. It can get a bit messy with the crunchier upper just dropping off after a bite but it's just that good.

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