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Hosokawa Japanese Restaurant - Hamilton, Brisbane

March 04, 2019

This place is still hands down my go-to whenever we want thick cut freshly sliced sashimi. With a variety of different sashimi options to choose from, the platter is always a great option when not sure of which to order or if there's a couple of you to gobble it down.

It might look very humble and a casual kind of place however do make sure to book in a table for dinner as you might just get turned away or asked to wait...

Despite the times I've eaten Agedashi Tofu, it's usually not served with half a bowl of the soy dipping sauce as some places separates their soy sauce with the tofu to keep the outer layer of the deep fried tofu still crispy. Although this was a different case, it did not make the tofu fully soggy as it only filled half of the bowl.

A warm but refreshing starter to have and I'd usually go for this if I had to choose between it and a bowl of edamame. I just feel that buying edamame isn't that worth it, specially when you can buy a whole bag from your local asian mart and boil or steam it at home yourself for a couple of minutes.

Ordering the Sashimi Platter, approximately 15 slices noted on the menu of the chef's selection, it looked fresh and so chunky as it arrived on our table. From hiramasa fish to salmon, from scallops to tuna, from octopus to squid, served with wasabi. Just eating it on its own is divine but dipping it into the soy sauce and adding a tad of wasabi is another level.

Always melts in your mouth either way you eat it.

Cold soba with Tempura is a great option when you're not feeling like the usual udon noodle soup or even ramen. Although this may look dry or not served with any sauce, it actually comes with a soy sauce based dipping sauce to dip your soba noodles in. The soba noodles are usually served cold but when combining the coolness of it with the hot and crispy tempura, it goes together well. The portion of the soba noodles was generous as well as the assorted prawn and vegetables tempura.

These deep fried tempura was nicely battered, not too thick and not flour-ish giving you that dry aftertaste after taking a bite.

Having hardly ordering sushi here, we thought we'd give it a try although they didn't really have much options. California Roll is always a classic but one I don't order usually or at all. But since the rest of the options were just kind of meh, I thought why not just try these?

With six small slices, it was ok. Nothing great but it wouldn't be something I would come back for or probably order again. Filled with the usual california combination of crab stick, omelette and avocado, yes it was fresh but it was just meh. Good rice though.

Lastly, ordering the Chicken Katsu, did seem to be a good idea at first but then turned out the opposite once it arrived and we started eating it. A thin piece of chicken meat, crumbed and fried not overly crispy but quite flour-ish. The main dissapointment was the chicken to be honest. It was just quite thin and sad. Even with a warm bowl of steamed rice, it didn't help.

Probably should just stick to their sashimi next time.

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