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Mr Bap - Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane

March 01, 2019

It's convenient when wanting to go grab some food and your area is just surrounded by all these various options. What makes it hard is the actual choosing of where to go and what to eat.

Since we were going to have coffee and cake nearby, we decided to visit Mr Bap for a night of Korean BBQ. Without looking at the menu too much, we knew we were here to order their BBQ Set. Another reason why would be so that I could compare it to our usual favourite KBBQ restaurant, which is also not too far from here.

A variety of different meats arrived on a big black plate, from pork belly to marinate bulgogi beef as well as assorted vegetables.. which isn't too assorted and not much to share around. Although it was presented in a near manner, I did find that some of the pork belly to be frozen and tough as well as hard when you poke it. I do understand that many places may not have fresh meats for BBQ but then, don't leave it tough and frozen when serving to diners.

The pork belly was a bit fattier than what I would have liked and what I'm used to but many may say that's just the best part. The marinated inside skirt (as per image below) was not bad but it was rather hard to cut it while it was raw so griling it first then cutting it was a better option. Yes, one mushroom head to share between one, two or even three people would have been a disaster.

Marinated bulgogi beef had a sweeter flavour than the usual but I didn't mind it when eaten with rice. The marinate however was a bit drenching the meat in hence every drip of the marinate into the griller made this hissing sound.

Although the meats were served with side dishes (ban-chan), they also served with a basket of green lettuce which you do get charged if you want another serving.

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